7 coronavirus masks that shouldn’t have made it out of the house

People are getting creative in the time of coronavirus. Isolation has well and truly brought the best out in some of us—key word “some”—and DIY projects have definitely taken flight.

As people slowly return to normal and begin taking the correct safety measures when out in public, it is safe to say that wearing a mask is a good idea – especially in hotspot areas. But let’s just say these mask ideas are somewhat questionable.


With some countries legally enforcing the wearing of face masks, we love to see people who have really embraced the idea… and taken it to a whole new level.

It’s just been announced that in the UK face masks are a compulsory outdoor accessory. Those caught without a mask risk copping a fine of £100 ($164) by police. So what happens if you’re caught short and don’t have a face mask but need to leave the house? These legends have got the answer:

Love the colour coordination on this one:


The things we’ll do for a bottle of wine:

Health first, right?

I love when dogs co-ordinate outfits with their owner:

This is how we should all be measuring 1.5m:

Garlic anyone?

Points for creativity.

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