A petition has kicked off to make Parkway Drive’s Vice Grip our new national anthem

Do you know all the words to the Australia anthem? If not, rest easy knowing there is currently a petition doing the rounds campaigning to make Parkway Drive‘s Vice Grip Australia’s new national anthem.

National Anthem

The petition was started less than 24 hours ago, and currently has just under 800 supporters (out of the 1,000 that is needed) and is quickly rising. Keeping it simple, the petition states:

 “It’s been out for 7 months now m8. Get a stubby and your Aussie flag thongs and listen to some pwd. Do it for the Aussie Battlers. Aussie government. You know the choice you have to make.”

“Keep The Flame Alive”.

It seems as though petitions are the new trend to kick 2016 off with, after one was started to get Shannon Noll to Groovin’ The Moo, which has quickly made its way around the country.

Vice Grip featured in triple J’s Hottest 100 yesterday, coming in at number 58. Check out the petition here.