Amber Heard’s screen time in ‘Aquaman 2’ cut significantly due to fan petitions

As petitions to cut Amber Heard from the new Aquaman movie pass 2 million signatures, the actor’s screen time has been reduced to just 10 minutes.

As the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp reaches the end of its third week, calls for Amber Heard to be cut from Aquaman 2 have increased.

Fans want Heard’s career to be effected as much as Depp’s was by the ‘false’ claims of domestic abuse, that the defamation trial is centred upon.

Johnny Depp trial
Credit: Jim Watson/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Since Heard’s Washington Post article that suggested she was a victim of domestic abuse, rumours have been circulating that she would be removed from the Aquaman franchise, and lose her role as the romantic lead, Mera.

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clark has been tipped to take over the role if Amber Heard is cut from the film.

Nobody has enough insight into the actual relationship between the two actors to make a proper judgement, but there seems to be an extreme double standards when it comes to fan opinions.

Yes, there are claims of Heard hitting Depp, which is never okay. But there’s also claims that Depp punched his co-workers on multiple occasions and evidence of text messages detailing his desire to murder Heard, yet people are still campaigning for him to be given more roles after the trial.

Aquaman 2 is set to be in cinemas on the 17th of March next year, which was delayed due to “arduous work to develop the film’s visual effects”.