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A profound compilation of David Berman covers has been released

david berman tribute compilation album

A compilation album of covers paying tribute to the late Silver Jews and Purple Mountains frontman, David Berman, has been created by French music website Section 26.

Titled Approaching Perfection, the compilation features contributions from a range of musicians including Galaxie 500’s Dean Wareham, Moldy Peaches’ Adam Green, Half Japanese’ss Jad Fair, and Diane Cluck.

david berman tribute compilation album

A beautiful compilation album of David Berman songs has been assembled as a tribute to the late singer, titled Approaching Perfection.

An American musician, poet, and cartoonist, David Berman was an incredibly influential figure who passed away earlier this year as a result of suicide, and he has since been remembered by many.

In a note on the compilation, Section 26 editor Xavier Mazure clarified that all the contributors participated for free. He described that the idea had come from his friend, Baptiste Fick, and once it had been conceived they began reaching out to people.

“Then, there was the impatience,” Mazure described, “the shiver of the first time we listened to a song that reached us, whether it came from next door or from the other side of the planet.”

Continuing on he wrote:

“The performers have shown us other aspects of the musician, their own aspects, which we hadn’t even thought about. Behind each song, we can hear the voice of the artist covering it. But also, implicitly, that of the poet, reaching us differently.”

Check out Approaching Perfection below.


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October 9, 2019