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Jovi Skyler’s new single Rocket is a stratospheric alt-rock stunner

Alt-rock newcomer Jovi Skyler has just hit the airwaves with his sophomore single Rocket, a track tackling the dicey subject of addiction with a welcome transparency.

Having spent a few years across the pond, Skyler is back in Sydney with a renewed focus on his musical craftsmanship. Rocket marks the second track off an upcoming EP from the artist, following debut single Love Bite earlier in 2019.

jovi skyler rocket

Shoot for the sky with Rocket from Sydney’s Jovi Skyler, a light-speed alternative rock anthem weaving a tale of struggle, abuse, and redemption.

Much like its namesake, Rocket kicks off at full velocity. Grungy guitars and choral vocals shoot the track straight into the stratosphere from the get-go, bringing to mind the drug-tinted compositions of Audioslave, Nirvana or The Smashing Pumpkins.

The energy continues to soar as the track reaches its climax, one brimming with high-powered hooks and high voltage instrumental lines. Rocket is a wild ride, but if you can hang on, it’ll certainly get your heart pumping.

Speaking on the subject of his latest single, Skyler shared:

“The song is about a girl who develops a drug habit during difficult times and struggles with addiction and the mental anguish it brings her.”

A video clip with a distinctly ’90s feel hammers home this theme, lending a visual counterpart to the woman at the song’s centre. Between the track itself and the accompanying clip, Rocket feels so distinctly like a release from the early ’90s that it’s hard to believe Skyler only dropped it in August.

Rocket is out now.


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October 9, 2019