PREMIERE: Hybrid Rose’s new album Warhol is a hi-res, electro-futurist adventure

The new album from Hybrid Rose is a synth-soaked adventure into foreign galaxies and an orchestra of smooth, electronic soundscapes that are oh so pleasing to the ear. 

“Warhol is a self expressive album. I was very inspired by people who changed pop culture with art – Andy Warhol to be specific. I feel like he was such a very out of this world character, and he’s just so strange and experimental and I wanted to channel my inner Andy Warhol energy with this album, through experimenting with electro-pop music.”

On Warhol, Hybrid Rose shows her knack for pop melodies and richly colourful synth soundscapes. It’s like stepping into a world that has exploded with colour, surrounded by hi-res shades that are almost painful to look at.

Opening track Holographic Dreams makes you feel like you’ve just started playing a VR game, surrounded by a happy, pop-tastic soundtrack. Right from the start, Hybrid Rose delves into her love of electronic soundscapes and cascading synths.

The slowed-down Warhol is the perfect soundtrack for getting lost in your imagination, with soft bell synthesisers and an ethereal atmosphere. Marshmallow Pussy (ft. Gingerkiss) is more stripped back and minimal, whereas Why Don’t You Love Me? is an ode to ’80s power-pop ballads.

Sweet Dreams (Interlude) hypnotises with its electronic tempo click and strict rhythm, while Just Press Play (ft. Fanfickk) is a cool and edgy revenge song which features confident vocals from the feature artist.

Cute toy pianos abound on the almost-childlike Symphony, while UFO’s glitchy effects and soft drum beats take you out of this world and into an alien, technicolor galaxy.

Hybrid Rose reveals her softer side on the quiet, melancholic Plastic Memories with its glassy melodies and pan-flute synths, before giving way to an ’80s-sounding pop song that could be about lost love.

Listen to the full album for yourself above.