Watch a beautiful new Kurt Vile mini-doco, (bottle back)

Matador Records have put together a Kurt Vile mini-doco, filmed last year just before the release of his eighth album, Bottle It In.

Directed by Ryan Scott, (bottle back) follows Vile on a weekend away at the Catskills in upstate New York, as he stays in a 20-bedroom Victorian Estate called Big Indian Springs.

kurt vile mini doco bottle back

A new Kurt Vile mini-doco gives an intimate insight into the musician on a weekend spent rehearsing and reflecting in beautiful upstate New York.

Here, Vile rehearses with his band and hangs out with friends and fellow musicians, The Sadies, spending time getting ready for the upcoming tour and pondering what lies ahead.

Opening with stunning shots of the lush forestland of the Catskills, Vile describes:

“We’re still definitely rusty, but rusty’s good… there’s a fine line between rusty and slick and you could be too much of either one… We’re finally at a place where, if it’s loose, it’ll be ok.”

It’s an introspective time, and the doco offers an intimate portrait of Vile and his creative process. The 21-minute film also contains live versions of his tracks, including a beautiful acoustic performance of Bassackwards as he sits on the porch on a rainy day, as well as a rendition of Baby’s Arms with The Sadies in the backyard. Vile has described the time as the “perfect lost weekend.” 

It’s well worth the watch, check out (bottle back) below.