A school hall rave and a sewer rave have been shut down in England this week. Where are Australia’s scummy raves?

They’re everywhere, we’re obviously just far better at not getting caught.

In the last week alone our conquistadors across the pond have shown how shitty they are at keeping illegal parties on the DL – twice. One rave took place in a Newcastle sewer, which is fair enough, who doesn’t love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Great location.

The second is way funnier; a beginner’s DJ course which took place at a school in Rottinghamshire apparently went batshit, diverging into a 250 person mess which had to be shut down at (gasp!) 3:30am. And there was beer.

rave london england sewer school dj lesson

English raves keep getting shut down by the cops which has us asking: who taught these cheeky lads to keep a secret party secret?

Australia has a long history, recently or otherwise, of killer gigs which fly under the radar perfectly well. In Sydney alone, the lockout laws have inspired a new wave of underground shows wherever the sneakiest organisers can swing them. Warehouses, parks…the options are endless, given a guest list who can actually zip their lips.

And that’s not even mentioning the bush doof. An ancient Australian art form, the doof is the height of the illegal party. Granted, their entire foundation is venturing so far out into the middle of nowhere that the possibility of getting caught becomes negligible, but when did you last hear about one of these getting shut down?

Via The Tab and MixMag.