Snoop totally Dogged Trump in his controversial music video. Can you feel the tweet storm brewing?

What a dog eat dog world we live in.

Snoop Dogg has released a satirical music video for a remixed version of Lavender, where the rapper is shooting a toy gun at a clown dressed like President Trump.

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A Twitter storm is brewing after Snoop Dogg’s latest video emerged yesterday. Should we be able to joke about assassinating President Trump?

The video follows a clown theme, and includes clips of subtle headlines like “Ronald Klump wants to deport all doggs”, whilst also exploring issues like police brutality.

Looks like Snoop is preparing another succulent roast.

Snoop told Billboard the video was meant to be “real to the voice of the people who don’t have a voice.”

Not surprisingly, a Twitter storm has broken out. Trump shoots back some serious burns at the rapper, claiming his career is “failing” and that he would have faced “jail time” if the video was aimed at President Obama.

Reports say the Secret Service have seen the music video, but there is no confirmation on whether any action will be taken.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, claims Snoop Dogg owes the president an apology.

“I thought he was better than that” Cohen said.

Senator Marco Rubio spoke out about the issue, saying mock shootings are something to be “careful about”, given America’s history.