Time travel is real: watch Donald Trump in an emo band from the early 2000’s

Trump’s presidency has amassed an overwhelming amount of satire, especially for his incessant tweets on Twitter.

After Mark Hamill transformed him into The Joker, entertainment company Super Deluxe have brought new life to the POTUS as an emo musician from the 2000’s.

emo trump wp

Featuring an old school desk, a dyed black side fringe and small hands, Emo Trump’s debut music video is heavily nostalgic of early 2000’s emo rock vibes. He is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on.

Listening to the emo rendition is way too real. Although Green Day would definitly take it as an insult, it does sound like it could be from the American Idiot era.

According to Super Deluxe, Trump’s “whining on Twitter” sounds all too familiar.

“We noticed that Donald J. Trump‘s tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song, so we turned them into one.”

We don’t know if a tour is in the works just yet, but check out his debut single below or on Facebook.

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