Modern artists from muslim nations are being given a voice by New York’s MoMA to fight Trump’s travel ban

In a daring act of defiance against Trump’s “Muslim Ban”, New York’s Museum of Modern Art has replaced the permanent exhibitions of Picasso and Matisse with pieces by artists from Muslim nations.


Works by Iranian video artist Tala Madani, photographer Shirano Shahbazi, painter Marcos Grigorian and many more are now being shown on MoMA’s fifth floor.

The fifth floor has long been the home for the priceless and timeless works of Picasso, Matisse and other Western modernists.

MoMA powerfully showcases the breathtaking work of citizens who are being denied entry into the US.

The exhibition gives a voice to those who are being oppressed by the regime, as well as raising awareness to the valuable insight these cultures can bring to the country.

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Art has been a unifying force throughout history, being one of the most peaceful mediums through which to make a political or social comment.

Recent leaked papers from the White House last month also showed Trump’s plan to cut major arts funding, providing even more reason for the museum to express their disapproval of the new president.

Since the exhibition opened, a federal judge from Seattle has blocked the ban, ruling it unconstitutional. But there is still much work to be done for minorities living under the Trump regime.