#stopislam has been hijacked from the haters to be used for love

People have hijacked the stupid #StopIslam hashtag and are using it to spread love

This morning news has broken of a pair of horrific terror attacks that has happened in Brussels, Belgium. As authorities continue to investigate the bombings that ISIS has claimed responsibility for, the hashtag #stopislam is now one of the top trending topics on Twitter. Now before you roll your eyes in disbelief, take heart in that the people who are using the hashtag are actually dispelling the close-minded beliefs of some idiots, and are instead using it to spread the love.


As The Washington Post reports, after the hateful hashtag was used to spread anti-Muslim rhetoric, it was hijacked by far more intelligent humans who have since used it to spread messages of awareness and solidarity. The phrase was first used in Spain condemning Islam, but within minutes was met with much criticism.

According to the PostAn analysis of 1,333 global #StopIslam tweets scraped by the Post between 9:20 a.m. and 12:50 p.m. shows that roughly 90 percent were critical of the hashtag. And according to a network analysis tool developed by researchers at North Carolina State University, the single most cogent conversation around the hashtag was surprise and anger that it ever trended.

Remember everyone, don’t listen to the idiotic minority. Love and good vibes is what we need to keep spreading.

First seen on The Washington Post.