What is vabbing? The viral TikTok trend explained

Vabbing or “vaginal dabbing” has taken the TikTok world by storm. But what is vabbing exactly, and how could it help your dating life?

Attention, vagina-havers. If you’re currently on the noble quest for an ideal partner, and all the conventional strategies have brought you little to no luck thus far, it may be time to try something a little…out of the box, so to speak.

What is vabbing, you ask? Well, if you’re an avid TikTok scroller, and you’ve seen this buzzword around a lot lately, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the company of over 50 million people who’ve been engaging with this viral vabbing trend.

Upon searching hashtags by the likes of #vabbingtiktok, #vabbingtrend, #vabbingperfume and #stopvabbing in the TikTok garden of good content, you are inundated with videos of individuals explaining what is vabbing and recounting their personal experiences with it.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but vabbing works. Vabbing one hundred percent works,” declares one TikTok creator, @aprilbasi. Check out her talking vagina review below, and then we’ll get stuck right in to vabbing meaning for you all.


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What is vabbing?

Put simply, the term vabbing is a mash-up between ‘vagina’ and ‘dabbing’. The act of vabbing involves the use of vaginal discharge and secretions as a kind of natural perfume. By rubbing vagina juice on ‘pulse points’ such as your wrists, the sides of your neck, and the area behind your ears, it allegedly helps attract a mate, thanks to a little something called pheromones.

As defined in a 2013 NIH publication of a study conducted on “pheromones and their effect on women’s mood and sexuality,” the term refers to “substances which are secreted to the outside by an individual and received by a second individual of the same species.”  It continues, “pheromones may be present in all bodily secretions but most attention has been geared toward axillary sweat which contains the odorous 16-androstenes.”

So, if this theory is somehow true, the act of vabbing would be like applying a pheromone spray of sorts, which in turn should help you draw in a mate, because vaginal secretions contain pheromones that attract men apparently. But is this true though? Well, sexologist and podcaster, Shannon Boodram says yes. She explains the reason behind the virality of dabbing in TikTok pussy land via the YouTube clip above.

“You know, for women, using your own vaginal [secretions] as perfume is the best thing you could do…and I will attest to you,” declares Boodram. “It smells good. It’s animalistic, pheromone-driven. That’s why dudes be [smelling their fingers] afterwards, and they can’t stop.”

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How to try vabbing

Are you new here TikTok beginners? Well, sorry if this shocks you, but as it turns out, people are vabbing all over the place. We know this because of all the Tik Tok pussy queens documenting their experiences vabbing at the gym, vabbing at the club, and pretty much everywhere else imaginable.

For example, TikTokker @jewlieah went clubbing with her besties, all of whom were first-time vabbers. As illustrated in her TikTok video, she claims they were gifted “free drinks all night,” thanks to their natural vabbing pheromone fragrance, which is way more powerful than even a Spongebob smelling cap by the looks of it.

So, how is it done? Well, as advised by sexologist, Shannon Boodram on her AskTheFeels podcast, “You can’t have any other competing scents on you. You can’t have, like, a strong-ass shampoo or perfume. But if you use your own [vaginal secretions], you will have people flocking to you. It works. I’ve tried it. I do it if I have somewhere to go…it’s a superpower.”

Thoughts on the vabbing TikTok tend

While there are many enthusiastic advocates of vabbing perfume, there are also just many who find vabbing bizzarre and confusing: “That’s really weird,” says one TikTok creator in the clip below. “That just sounds crazy…who started that?”

Well, we don’t know who started it, but we do know that many women out there stand firmly by its effectiveness during their dating endeavors: “One time, I went on a date with this guy, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me.” recounts TikTokker, @palesamoon.


And thats on vabbing 🤣😂 I really am curious but dont think i will actually try that.

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She continues, “It was the first time that I met him. He was just very, like, on me. But I kind of understood because I was doing an experiment that night. I decided to use my coochie juice as perfume. I took my pussy juice, and I put it [on my pressure points]. And of course, it drove him crazy.”

Well, there you have it. What do you think? Since the vabbing challenge has become just has popular as the don’t stop pop that coochie tiktok dance challenge and spongebob smells cap trend, maybe there is something to it…reckon it’s worth a shot? Honestly, it’s definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, but for free drinks at the club, it may be worth joining the viral TikTok experiment. Happy vabbing everybody!


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