What is the Rose Toy and why is TikTok obsessed with it?

The Rose Toy is considered one of the best sex toys for women right now. But what makes this “soul snatcher” so special?

The Rose Toy has captured the hearts, minds and orgasms of women and vagina-havers across the globe. Since achieving TikTok virality, this pleasure-igniting device has generated raving reviews from thousands upon thousands of satisfied masturbators; one of which describes the rose sex toy as a “soul snatcher.” This led to the development of the affectionate nickname rose snatcher thanks to one Lovehoney reviewer online.

The trending TikTok NSFW hashtags #RoseToyReviews or #RoseReview and even the highest-ranking #RoseToy have collectively amassed a whopping 201 million views to date. Upon searching them, you’ll come across the million roses review clips featuring TikTok users who give honest and very enthusiastic recounts of what they experienced while using toy roses themselves or their partners. Move over TikTok penis because it’s all about rose TikTok and TikTok toys now.

Inya rose
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For example, in one Rose Toy video created by TikToker, @gabyyyliciousss, she says, “Go to amazon and order this NOW. You will not regret. LOLZ.” Another creator called @valenciagermain goes as far as to say, “how did I function without such things?” With thousands of similar rose toy reviews following suit on Rose vibration Amazon pages, it’s safe to say that the rose sexual toy is doing something truly magical.

But for those of you who are yet to discover the sensational rose toy for women that’s taken over the sex toy market, you may be wondering what is a Rose Toy exactly? Well, we’ve done some hard-hitting research about these raving toys on your behalf, to uncover all the fun facts about the rose vibrater suction toy so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to purchase Rose Toy Amazon or Lovehoney, or even Etsy, and give it a shot yourself. Even if you still need convincing afterward, all you’ll need to do is read the hoards of Lovehoney reviews about the best clitoral toy on the planet.

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What is a Rose Toy?

If clitoral suction vibrators could compete in the Olympics, Rose Toys would win Gold medals. Basically, the rose toy women are raving on about is a suction-based clitoral stimulation device, with several vibration settings. It is now considered one of the best vibrators on the market; inducing toe-curling, spine-raising clitoral orgasms…or so we’ve heard (cough cough).

They belong to a category of devices referred to as clitoral suction sex toys. The advent of rose clitoris toys in the mid-2010s revolutionised the female sex toy landscape. In a similar but slightly-varying nature to its sister toys, the rose adult toy has a clit sucking nozzle that utilises air pressure to create suction force, in a way that intends to effectively replicate the sensations experiences during oral sex. Many fans of rose stimulation consider the rose clit toy to be better than any penis toy on the market, including the popular Etsy dildo toy, the sonic toys Amazon provide, and sonic plush toys in stock elsewhere.

self pleasure device
Credit: DharmaQueenz

This beautiful, flower-shaped clitoral sucking rose is quite compact, unique in design, and manufactured with medical-grade silicone. But don’t be fooled by the elegant and dainty-looking exterior of the rose tot vibrator! As described in Glamour, this “unassuming sucking vibrator’s rumbly power” has “really got people talking.”

The sexual toy Rose also delivers “sonic pulses that reverberate through your entire clitoral structure, shaking them from the inside to induce some of the most intense orgasms,” as explained in an online publication by biird.


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How to use the Rose Toy

As mentioned above, the rose petal toy is petite in stature, but its several powerful vibrating patterns are reportedly not for the faint of heart. According to Glamour, a Rose Toy comprises “seven suction modes: three that provide continuous clitoral stimulation at different levels, and four that stop and start with different speeds and rhythms. You can turn the rechargeable product on and off and cycle through all the patterns with just one little button.”

For first-timers, there is plenty of advice on how to use Rose Toy online. So how does the rose toy works exactly? According to TechPlanet writer, Anna Milionsky, it’s a good idea to “keep lubricant near the device,” in case you end up requiring extra lubrication to avoid irritation. Additionally, Anna advises users to “start the sucking function gradually, at a low intensity,” especially if you are a little on the sensitive side down there.

This advice on taking it slow is backed up by TikTok user, @shanicemua_ who says, “this is fucking intense. I would say that I am a sexually liberated person, and I have my fair share of experience when it comes to toys. There are pros and cons to this. The pros are, really easy to clean, and lots of different settings. The cons, it’s probably the loudest of all my toys. And if you’re sensitive down there, I would not recommend going straight in with this, because it will have you squealing like a pig.”

She concludes, “other than that, it’s alright. I give it an eight out of ten.” So, whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, check out the image below for some visual demonstrations of this stimulating device in action.

rose toys
Credit: TechPlanet

Types of Rose Toys

Since the TikTok Rose Toy phenomenon began, several variations of it have popped up in the market including the popular inya rose toy. A myriad of organisations now manufacture their own version of this highly-demanded device, and distribute it under several brand names, on websites such as Amazon, Lovehoney, Etsy, Shopify and more. The tongue rose flower is a popular variation, even bigger than the Addison Rae tongue phenomenon.

According to a number of sources, the trailblazing and original version of this titillating gadget stems from the Rose Toy Official website here. Other than the original, some variations include Rose Toy Deluxe and Rose Toy with tongue extension. Of course, we can’t forget to mention our friends over at Lovehoney, who have made their own variation, titled Lovehoney Rose Toy Clitoral Suction Stimulator which is available to order as we speak.

sex toys
Credit: Michael Hession

According to Glamour, “The Rose Toy Official site also sells a version of the rose sex toy with a stem, of sorts: The rose attaches to a tube with a dildo on the other side, so it basically looks like a rose with a penis. Hot.” And for those who don’t find dildos too appealing, board-certified sexologist, Dr. Jessica Cline reckons this viral device is the perfect alternative to penis-resembling toys, as it is a “cute and less in-your-face phallic.”

So, there you have it. With all that said, are you ready to take part in this certified sex craze? If you are, we hope the experience is an absolute “soul snatcher” for you, as it was for millions of other happy customers worldwide. Have a rosy day!