Watch this track being built step by step with the Casio SK-1

Youtuber Espen Kraft has dusted off his ancient Casio SK-1 and created a little gem. This cheap consumer-grade sampling keyboard is well and truly stretched to its limit in this video.

If the term ‘consumer-grade’ sounds a little patronising, we don’t intend it to be. Sure the SK-1 is cheap and modern samplers have a lot more power under the hood, but this device introduced the concept of sampling to a wider audience. And this demonstration shows off the gritty character of the SK-1 in all its glory.

Witness the power of the Casio SK-1 in all its 8-bit glory. Espen Kraft has created a track that displays the true capability of this humble machine.

With a little help from his DAW and the Roland Alpha Juno 2, Kraft takes us through the step by step process of building an 80s (and very much Pet Shop Boys) flavoured synth pop production.

This is how the creator explains his workflow:

I’ve sampled a couple of sounds from the Roland Alpha Juno 2 into it, multi tracked it in the computer. I’ve also slowed down a couple of the internal rhythm tracks and recorded those into the DAW and from there chopped these up and created a new drum track.”

Watch the video below: