Best sex positions for female orgasm

If you’re looking to achieve more orgasms during penetrative sex, certified “sexperts” recommend giving these positions a go.

If you’ve ever had trouble achieving “The Big O” from P-in-V penetration alone, don’t fret! Sexologists say this is totally normal and more common than you might think. In fact, studies have shown that only 25% of women frequently orgasm this way.

That being said, certain sex positions are reportedly more effective than others in facilitating climax for people with vaginas. So, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in exploring, we’ve scoured the internet on your behalf and rounded up ten ultra-stimulating, expert-recommended positions for you and your bedroom buddy to check out. So, without further ado, here are the best sex positions for female orgasm as declared by sex experts and enthusiasts alike.

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#1 – Reverse Cowgirl

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This one’s a familiar favourite in the category of sexual riding positions for women who swear by its ability to really hit the spot – the G-spot, that is: “Many women find that they’re most likely to feel G-spot pressure when they’re on top, as they can adjust the angle of their body to suit their unique needs,” explains Dr Jess O’Reilly, sexologist and host of the Drive Your Lover Wild webinar series.

O’Reilly says ‘reverse cowgirl’ is also “the perfect position for dual stimulation,” and Women’s Health reader, Catherine L, agrees. As a woman having orgasms through this position, she explained to the magazine, “my boyfriend has a little trouble staying hard for longer than five minutes, which made it really difficult for me to orgasm…I figured out that my boyfriend can last the longest in reverse cowgirl. And, through trial and error, we realized that if he rubs my clit while he’s inside of me and thrusts hard enough—I can get off! It’s made my boyfriend and I feel so much closer and more intimate.”

How it’s done

Straddle your partner with your back facing them, place your knees on either side of their hips, and do what Ginuwine said best: “Ride it, my pony.” And to make things even hotter, O’Reilly recommends trying it with your partner’s legs bent so that you can increase the pressure against your abdomen. You can stimulate the G-spot through the vagina, but you can also stimulate it via pressure against the stomach.”

#2 – Legs Over Shoulders

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This timeless legs up missionary classic goes by many nicknames – the hook, the plow, the rock ‘n’ roller… but whatever you want to call it, specialists can agree on one thing: this position has been a reliable go-to for the ‘happy endings’ of many vagina-havers.

According to clinical sexologist, Marlene Wasserman, the ‘legs over shoulders’ position enables deeper thrusting, which increases the chances of climax. And no, you don’t need acrobatic skills to pull this position back arch meme off. “Some might think you need to be flexible, but this is certainly not the case,” says Rachel Hoffman, a therapist at The Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy. “It is a more advanced form of the missionary position.” 

How it’s done

Hoffman says, “one partner lies on their back, and lifts their legs up into the air, creating a right angle with their body. The other gets on top, gently pushing the first partner’s legs back a bit further toward their body.” She continues, “if you’re worried you won’t be able to keep your legs up, don’t sweat it. Your partner can use their hands to grab your legs to make sure you’re stable or use them to touch you.”

#3 – The CAT position

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According to Cosmopolitan coital alignment is “the secret to missionary orgasms.” CAT stands for coital alignment technique, but don’t let the complex name scare you off! Basically, the coital alignment technique meaning in hindi is a face-to-face position, but the male, or penetrator, rides much higher than they normally would in missionary, so the penis (or toy) doesn’t go all the way in. Instead, the root is pulled hard against one very important sex organ…the clitoris.

“Most sex positions fail to provide clitoral stimulation given the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal entrance,” explains Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First. This is where the CAT position comes in clutch, helping “stimulate the external portion of the clitoris during P-in-V sex.” 

How it’s done

Men’s Health magazine explains how the coital alignment structure works: “The partner with a vulva should lie on their back with their legs comfortably spread, as they would in missionary position.” It continues, “On top of them, the person doing the penetrating should raise themselves on their arms with their shoulders high and their back arched.” Kerner adds, “in yoga, the position would be very similar to the upward facing dog position.”

#4 – Downward Doggy

downward doggy
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This modified version of the classic doggy style memes works by changing the penetration angle to allow for more intense stimulation, and better access to the G-spot. As an added bonus, it also enables space for clitoral stimulation to occur at the same time, for double the female cum shots to occur.

How it’s done

“Assume the standard doggy position, but instead of propping yourself up on your hands, bend your elbows and rest them on a pillow,” explains sexpert Sammi Cole. “This means your back slants downwards from your butt to your head.” According to a write-up by condom company Durex, “another option is to lower your chest to the bed as you leave your hips high in the air and your partner crouches low.” They add, “try using one hand to rub your clit or your partner could reach around with their hand and do the same.”

#5 – The Joystick Joyride

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Climb aboard and strap yourself in for one hell of a ride. Dubbed “an exhibitionist’s dream” by Cosmopolitan, the ‘joystick joyride’ promises deeper penetration and a better shot at hitting that magic G-spot. It’s no surprise that the ‘joystick joyride’ is one of the greatest sex position Cosmo recommends!

According to Laura Whittaker, senior manager of sex toy and lingerie company, Ann Summers, “this riding position allows you both to take control of your pleasure for some mind-blowing orgasms all round.” Additionally, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to skip the gym, this one happens to be a great workout too, offering “cardio for you and a core workout for your partner.”

How it’s done

The person penetrating you lies on their back with their arms relaxed above their head. Straddle them on top and stretch your legs forward, so that your feet are on either side of their shoulders. Hold their shins or push on the floor for support, and start swirling your hips in figure-eight motions for stimulation. “For an added thrill, get your partner to raise their body up slightly at the core – the slight shift in angle will offer you a whole load of clitoral and G-spot stimulation,” recommends Whittaker.

#6 – The G-Whiz

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The G Whiz position is straight out of the good old Kama Sutra book of sex positions. While some of the more advanced sex positions illustrated in pictures of sex positions in Kama Sutra can be intimidating for us not-so-flexible folk, the G Whiz is not one of the intimidating Karma Sutra diagrams to look at.

“This is a good choice if you and your partner aren’t especially flexible since the move only requires that you can bend at the waist,” writes Women’s Health magazine. And to make it even better, Dr O’Reilly suggests “adding a pillow underneath you to create a better angle for him to reach your G-spot.”

According to Women’s Health, this position is climax-inducing because “raising your legs narrows the vagina and helps target your G-spot.” They add, “and there’s nothing wrong with a gentle bum massage, either.”

How it’s done

Start by lying on your back, while your partner kneels in front of you. Lift your legs up straight over their shoulders. “Then as he moves, either of you can press on your lower abdomen to stimulate it from the outside—that pressure will pull slightly on the hood of your clitoris to create a rhythmic massage there as well,” explains O’Reilly. “If you have a height difference, you can put a couple of pillows underneath the other person, or you can utilise a sex pillow,” adds Gigi Engle, certified sex coach.

#7 – The Drop Box

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No, we’re not talking about that annoying file storage app we all use. Despite the title sounding like a sexual position meme and not something very spicy at all, the drop box is actually nothing short of thrilling. And according to relationship coach and sex enhancement specialist, Delilah Taylor, it’s one of the most orgasmic positions for vulva-owners.

How it’s done

The [partner being penetrated] lies on her back with her hips hanging off the bed. The [penetrating partner] stands on the floor in front of her and supports her legs,” explains Delilah. “His penis [or toy] will enter her in a natural upward motion rubbing directly on her G-spot area.” 

#8 – The Lunging Cowgirl

lunging cowgirl
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Lunges at the gym might feel like a chore, but lunges in the bedroom? A lot more fun! Ideal for couples who like to “sexercise,” the ‘Lunging Cowgirl’ could be your ticket to the workout, and climax, of your dreams! This delicious variation on the classic ‘Cowgirl’ has been tried and tested by sex experts and enthusiasts alike. With enhanced penetration depth and clitoral stimulation, you’ll want to do it again, and again, and AGAIN!

How it’s done

Get on top of your sexual partner. Facing them, “keep one leg down and bend another leg up, so that you can switch between deeper penetration and rubbing your clitoris,” writes Sean Jameson in Bad Girls Bible. “This way, if it gets uncomfortable in one position, you can quickly readjust without having to take a break,” he continues.

#9 – The Dirty Dangle

the dirty dangle
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According to a 2017 survey by Cosmopolitan this is the greatest sex position or at least one of them, as declared by their readers. It’s called The Dirty Dangle and it’s considered to be a “kinky twist” to the classic missionary position, according to the Daily Star, which provides guidelines on how to perfect the move below.

How it’s done

“To get into this position, the woman must place her back on a table, counter or desk so her legs dangle off the edge,” write the Daily Star. “The man will stand over her and thrust while she wraps her legs around his waist. With the Dirty Dangle, the fella does all the hard work while the woman sits back and enjoys the ride. If you want to take it to another level, there are plenty of sex toys to add into the mix.”

#10 – The Free-As-Air position

the free-as-air position
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Oh, what a feeling! According to reports by vagina-havers across the world wide web, as well as Cosmo positions writers and badgirlbible enthusiasts, many women feel “genuinely weightless” whilst performing the free-as-air position with their penis-having partner. And as a further plus, it’s a pretty good clitoral stimulation position as well, with both partners being able to reach for that magic button with ease while performing the free-as-air position together. According to Cosmo’s writers, fun times with the free-as-air sex position are definitely ahead!

How it’s done

As described in Women’sHealth magazine, “The man or penis-haver lies down on their back. You face the other way and sit down on their penis. Then, in your own time, you gradually lower yourself so that – with their penis inside you – your back is lying fully outstretched on the front of their body.” Sici, ALLWOMENSTALK writer, adds: “Slowly, work towards leaning back until you are pretty much laying with your back outstretched on his body, and it will give you the amazing feeling of being weightless as he thrusts in and out.”

#11 – Doggy Style

doggy style
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Honestly, we couldn’t not include the classic doggy-style sexual position on this list! Despite being one of the less intimate sex positions out there, due to the inability to make sexy eye contact with your partner, it shouldn’t be disregarded! As stated by Marissa Gainsburg and Gabrielle Kassel in Women’sHealth magazine, “I kindly challenge anyone with a vagina who doesn’t like doggy-style sex to seriously reconsider…when done correctly, doggy style is incredibly satisfying.”

How it’s done

If you’re wondering what is doggy style then here’s the perfect explanation for you by certified psychotherapist and sex therapist, Nan Wise: “Classic doggy involves one partner getting on all fours, while the other partner is on their knees, entering the first person from behind with their penis or strap-on.” Wise continues, “Other sexy variations include bending over the bed while your partner enters you from behind (more on that below), as well as several changes to leg and arm positions to switch things up.”

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What is a sex haver going to do with all these positions? Try them, of course! Now that you’ve gone through our cheeky little list, we hope that at least a couple of these climax-inducing moves have piqued your interest! But, before you run off with your S.O. to try out the best position for female orgasm we want to note that, while most of these describe the best sexual positions for women, and refer to sex between biological women and men, there’s absolutely no reason why any gender coupling, with access to certain accessories, can’t have an amazing time exploring these moves!

At the end of the day, sex is a diverse activity, and the journey can be just as fun as the destination. But while penetration or climax isn’t always the sole focus of sexy time, we think everyone would agree that orgasms are pretty fucking great! So if that’s your goal, there’s no shortage of ways to make it happen; whether it be in solo, duo, or group contexts (hey, whatever floats your boat!).

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When it comes to different types of women’s orgasms, many (including us) would be surprised to discover that there are reportedly three types of female orgasms according to scientific research. As reported by IFLSCIENCE, A study claims to have identified three types of orgasm experienced by women, using data collected by a “biofeedback vibrator”. Letting participants loose with a Bluetooth-connected “Lioness” dildo, researchers were able to classify orgasms into three distinct types: the wave, the avalanche, and the volcano.” You can learn more about this 2017 study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine here.

The reality, however, is that there is a very real “orgasm gap” in society. In a 2017 study, only 65% of hetero women said they normally orgasm from sex, compared to 95% of hetero men. That being said, the study also uncovered that women who climaxed more often were more likely to “ask for what they want in bed.”

According to Dr Jordan Rullo, a certified sex therapist with women’s health app Flo, communication is key. “Show your partner how you like to be stimulated. Either self-stimulate in front of your partner, or take your partner’s hand and show them exactly what you like.”

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But what if you’re not quite sure what you’re into? Sexologist Jess O’Reilly recommends self-exploration to find out:

“Masturbation and self-touch is how most vulva owners experience their first orgasm because it takes time to learn about your unique bodily responses. Concentrate on you and your own pleasure, then when a partner comes along you can teach them how to assist you in having one.”

The truth is, whether you’re single, partnered, or something in between, solo exploration with the help of your hands, or your favourite vibrating friends, can be an exciting way to figure out what really gets you going, and how to show your playmate. The first step can be through stimulating your erogenous zones, to see what turns you on the most.

In case you didn’t know, erogenous zones are parts of our body that make us feel turned on when touched a certain way. If you’re a fan of the beloved 90’s sitcom Friends, you might remember the iconic sexual position video below where Monica explained seven of them…and she was very enthusiastic about number seven.

But as it turns out, the erogenous zones on a woman’s body, or anyone’s body for that matter, aren’t limited to just seven. According to California-based sexologist, Jill McDevitt, any part of the body could be an erogenous zone, depending on the person and what they’re sensitive to. That being said, there are certainly some common “hot spots”  McDevitt recommends targeting: “The genitals, breasts, nipples, lips, neck and nape of neck, ears, buttocks, inner thigh, and anus.”

Now, let’s focus on one of the most pleasure-igniting female erogenous zones…can you guess what it is?

female orgasms
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That’s right, it’s the clitoris. We hope you guessed it because we’ve actually been dropping hints about this incredible little organ the entire time. But in case you didn’t pick up on the recurring theme, the majority of the best sex positions for orgasm listed above mention clitoral stimulation, and not by coincidence.

“If there is insufficient clitoral stimulation before and during intercourse, orgasm will be elusive for many women in much the same way that stroking the area next to the penis would likely not be enough to get most guys off,” explains Dr Carol Queen, sexologist and author of The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone.

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Ah, the clitoris. 8,000 nerve endings, yet elusive to many. And if you’ve been on social media long enough, you’ve probably come across a meme or two about people needing roadmaps to find it. But thanks to clinical sexologist Patti Britton, we can all become a little more “cliterate” today.

Basically, the clit is situated above the vaginal opening, but the visible part of it is only the top of the mountain. Patti explains that the clitoris is actually a “complex structure made of many parts.” The clitoral glans are “the only external manifestation,” but the organ itself has a large internal structure.

clitoris diagram
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“Under the vulva lie the ‘legs’ of the clitoris, or the ‘crus clitoris,’ which form a wishbone shape. And then at the tip of that wishbone is the glans clitoris, which is the tiny part people can sometimes see,” says Britton. “To orient yourself, the glans clitoris should be at 12 o’clock, and your vaginal opening will be at 6 o’clock.”

If you’re struggling to picture all of this, you’re not alone! Patti recommends taking a look at 3D-printed models of the clitoris that showcase all its parts in their glory. Yes, you read that right. People are actually making 3D-printed clits now. Check out this video below.

Now that we’re better acquainted with where it is and how it works, stimulating it in a way that feels good for you is all about experimentation. As a general guide, “if you want to stimulate your clit, gently stroke the top, where your glans clitoris is, in a circular motion,” says Patti. But just like people, every clit is different.

“Women are all unique, so why would clitorises be any different?” writes Health magazine. Every woman needs a different kind of stimulation to feel satisfied, depending on her unique biology.” So with that in mind, it’s officially clit o clock. Get experimenting!

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If you’re looking for some inspiration though, Nicole Telfer and Clár McWeeney, writers at Clue, share their advice on how you can get started: “If you are with a partner, setting the mood could involve kissing, foreplay, and exploring each other’s bodies.”

They continue, “If you are flying solo, feel free to get comfortable with any other erogenous zones of your body (like your nipples). Don’t forget your mind — if you aren’t feeling particularly turned on by your imagination, you can also get your head in the game with some porn or sexy literature.”

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If you’re wondering why we’ve been yapping on about clits for so long, not only are they a pretty important part of the orgasm experience for millions of women, but it’s also the only known body part to exist just for pleasure. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Seems like we’re not the only ones, either. There’s even a TED talk about its “unknown greatness.” See for yourself.

The bottom line is when it comes to P-in-V sex, or any kind of sex for that matter, it’s clear that vaginas sometimes need a little extra TLC than their male counterparts to reach “The Big O,” and that’s totally fine! There are a million and one ways to make a girl cum and this article just scratches the surface as far as best positions for female orgasm go!

So, whether you’re a sex haver looking for hot new tips on how to better reach orgasmic bliss, new sexy sex positions to spice up your bedroom antics, or you just wanted an excuse to view some pictures of different sexual positions today, we hope you enjoyed this read and got something out of it. Happy climaxing!