5 gender reveals that didn't quite go to plan

5 gender reveals that didn’t quite go to plan

Did you know gender reveal parties have a higher annual death toll in the US than shark attacks? Neither did we.

Gender reveal parties had already gone too far before they were causing literal natural disasters, but now they officially need to be outlawed.

But unfortunately they’re a trend and they happen on a regular basis, so we thought we’d make the most of things and take a look at the stupidest gender reveals to grace the internet.

That time someone’s gender reveal party caused an earthquake in New Hampshire

Gender reveal earthquake
Credit: AP

Last year, a mysterious earthquake caught residents of New Hampshire by surprise. The tremor could be felt more than 30 kilometres away, damaging houses and polluting tap water with dirt – all because someone wanted to blow something up so they could find out that their child would be born with a penis.

Speaking to NBC Boston, one resident said, “We heard this god-awful blast… it knocked pictures off our walls.” Meteorologists hadn’t reported any earthquakes, but authorities quickly worked out who was behind the tremor.

Or the gender reveal that cause a full-on wildfire

Gender reveal wildfire
Credit: CNN

A man from Arizona accidentally burned close to 50,000 acres of forest in the process of revealing his baby’s birth gender back in 2018.

He was sentenced to 5 years of probation, and ordered to pay more than $8 million for the damage he caused.

On a lighter note, this one was pretty funny



This one didn’t quite add to the death toll, but it came mighty close

And then there’s this couple who copped a deserved premature reveal thanks to one of their other kids and a toy sword.