The internet is having a giggle at Scott Morrison’s press conference blunder

During a press conference yesterday, Scott Morrison seemed to forget where he was and call journalists “Mr. Speaker” three times.

Since Scott Morrison called the next federal election last week, both the PM and opposition leader Anthony Albanese have been going gonzos, taking every press opportunity that comes their way.

Both the major party leaders have had their fair share of blunders, but the latest from Scott Morrison was pretty hilarious.

Scott Morrison Mr Speaker
Credit: ABC

The PM was taking questions from journalists about who would be taking the social services portfolio if his party win the upcoming election yesterday, but the press conference is trending for other reasons.

Scotty was dropping “Mr. Speaker” left, right, and centre during the press conference, finally picking up on his own mistake the third time he said it, and laughing it off.

“Here we go, I’m back in parliament,” he laughed. Nah man, you’re in a park in Sydney.

In his defence, the park he was standing in was almost as green as parliament.

Social media was quick to pick up on Morrison’s mistake, which saw #mrspeaker trending on Twitter last night.

Thank god he thought he was in parliament and not at home, otherwise we would have had to hear him sing April Sun in Cuba again.

Enrolment to vote in the upcoming election closes at 8pm tonight. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can do so here.