ScoMo’s ukelele cover of ‘April Sun in Cuba’ got slammed by the original band

After ScoMo’s cringe ukulele cover aired on 60 Minutes, NZ rock band Dragon slammed the PM for his “cynical” use of their track.

Scott Morrison reached new levels of cringe on his 60 Minutes episode over the weekend.

During a dinner table interview led by Nine Network host Karl Stefanovic, the Aussie PM decided to whip out a ukelele and perform a notably out-of-key rendition of NZ rock band Dragon’s April Sun in Cuba.

Credit: AAP/Mick Tsikas

Nobody thought this was a good idea, especially the original band behind the iconic 70’s hit: “Once again, Dragon are famous for all the wrong reasons,” stated the group under an Instagram video featuring ScoMo playing the uke over superimposed footage of 2020’s black summer bushfires, during which he was off on a cheeky Hawaiian holiday.

That’s right, we haven’t forgotten about this infamously ill-timed trip, and neither have Dragon apparently: “Maybe if his trip to Hawaii had not been cut short, he could have learnt the lyrics to the rest of the chorus,” stated the band in an official statement that expressed their disdain for the PM’s “attempt to humanize” himself by co-opting music in time for the federal election.

Credit: 9NEWS

During the interview, even Karl took a jab at the holiday incident, telling ScoMo that if his political career goes up in smoke, “Maybe you can go to Hawaii.” After seconds of forced laughter by a red-faced PM, Karl followed up with “too soon?”

Credit: 9NEWS

Sick burn, Karl!

Musical hobbies are all well and good, and surely ScoMo’s not the only Aussie dad who’s ever strummed a couple of tunes on ukulele at the family dinner table. But we think this attempt at a pre-election fluff piece blows the PM’s alleged “daggy dad” persona way out of proportion.

In case you haven’t heard it for yourself, and you’re feeling brave enough, here’s a clip of Scotty’s full-length rendition below (with overdubs at the end, because he couldn’t “remember the rest of the lyrics”).