Is trap the way of the future? J-EL and NOY chop it up ahead of their warehouse tour

J-EL and NOY are two artist who specialise in tearing rooms to shreds. J-EL’s weapons of choice are 808 beats and sultry hip hop rhythms, while NOY thrives on trap that kicks so hard you’ll want to wear a mouthguard.

Since the two will be joining one another on the upcoming Who Said Warehouse Party Tour throughout Queensland, we hooked them up for a chat.

j-el noy who said warehouse party tour

Is trap the way of the future? Hip hop artist J-EL and trap producer NOY chop it up ahead of their joint gigs on the Who Said Warehouse Party Tour.

HAPPY: Word on the street is that North Queensland turns up for a party, what’s to be expected over the coming weeks?

J-EL: The coming weeks are going to be insane, I played at the Who Said Cairns show last year and it went off! The whole warehouse scene is crazy and the music mixed with the noise from the crowd will get anyone jacked up! Plus NQ turns up when it’s time to party!

NOY: Well honestly what’s not to be expected, North Queensland turns up for a party like no other, I literally have no idea what’s to be expected over the coming weeks, but I’m excited and all I know is that it’s going to be some insane shows with some insane people!

HAPPY: When did trap music start to play an influence on your life?

J-EL: I have always been into hip hop and back in my earlier days, I always favoured the tracks that had a heavier bass. Ever since trap has entered the scene I have honestly been in love with how it has changed the game. It has definitely shaped the music I make and allows for more variations of hip hop to come to the forefront. This alone has turned hip hop into something that has a massive amount of subgenres and so much more flavour!

NOY: Trap music first popped up on my radar around the start of 2012 with the Flosstradamus remix of Major Lazer’s Original Don, I had no idea what it was, but as I had always been a big fan of hip hop infused with electronic music, I instantly felt connected to the genre. Pretty much after hearing that record, trap has been a big focus in the majority of my DJ sets.

HAPPY: When listening to your songs, you can really hear the trap influence. Do you see this genre slowing down anytime soon?

J-EL: With every genre they have their time in the limelight and trap music is definitely in the limelight at the moment. I think that trap will continue to evolve and we will see artists try different things with mixing elements from other genres which should keep a fresh sound for the genre. To be honest I never thought I would hear heavy metal vocals over a trap beat until I heard Tekashi 6ix9ine who has had five songs in the Billboard top 100!

NOY: I love trap and all things bass music, as with all genres they can peak in popularity which I feel trap has definitely peaked, but I also feel trap is currently evolving into a new and more exciting space. So many trap producers are mixing up their production and blending in various other genres which is awesome and keeping the sound fresh.

HAPPY: Whats your thoughts on the current state of music in Australia right now?

J-EL: I think Australia has always produced top of the line bands and top of the line dance music artists but for me I’m loving how much hip hop has grown in Australia over the past three years. With the new generation making more of a worldwide sounding hip hop I believe it is so close to being on the tip of gaining massive recognition. It has been amazing to see the genre grow massively in Australia and I look forward to it continuing to grow in the future!

NOY: M8. Where to even start, it’s 100 percent thriving with amazing talent. I’m a massive fan of all genres, so many of my homies are writing dope records, people like Jordan Burns/Slumberjack/What So Not/Luude/Badrapper/Hydraulix I feel are at the forefront. I couldn’t be prouder being a part of the Australian music scene right now!


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