Hate being put down as a creative? Silence the naysayers with Is This Home from Glencoe

After being surrounded by music from a young age, the New Zealand-born Brogan Kerrison started writing his own at age 14. Years later, in the tail end of 2016, he finally realised his dream of releasing music to the world. Glencoe was born.

His newest release Is This Home featuring Rory Mckenna was written in January 2017, only months after he took that leap of faith.

glencoe Is This Home feat. Rory Mckenna

For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a professional musician, Is This Home from Glencoe is a story to be inspired by.

While definitely underpinned by some absolutely beautiful production, the strength of Is This Home truly lies in Kerrison’s vocal performance. Swinging between layered, almost whispered verses to a reverb drenched, all-powerful chorus, his talent is on full display.

Thematically, the song deals with the stereotypes afforded to professional creatives everywhere. We know about the upward battle ahead, claims Glencoe in Is This Home… that’s what makes it so rewarding.

“When [Rory and I] attended high school together in 2010, the main message was that we could be anything we wanted to be,” explained Kerrison, “to reach for the stars and not let anything get in the way of our dreams. Yet when it came to the question of; what do you see yourself doing as a career?”

“When given the reply, “a full time musician” we were laughed at, told that was a fantasy, that we need to get our heads out of the clouds and find a real, secure job. But here we are, living the dream together eight years later.” 

Glencoe is currently based in Melbourne, working on a self-titled EP which will be his debut. Look out for that one later in 2018.