Submerge yourself in the hauntingly beautiful new video from Mermaidens

New Zealand’s Mermaidens first formed in 2013 as a “twinkly” indie-rock band, though they now ooze out a haunting mix of psychedelia and post-punk.

Since their inception five years ago, the band have carefully crafted a unique and enchanting sound that will seep deep into the marrow of your bones.

Mermaidens’ slow-burning, hypnotic, and visually striking new video Fade will leave you feeling like you’ve just woken from a deep sleep.

Made up of guitarist/vocalist Gussie Larkin, bassist/vocalist Lily West, and drummer Abe Hollingsworth, the three-piece have come to develop a mesmerising synergy.

The visually stunning and dream-like new video for Fade will leave you feeling hypnotised, and a little dizzy.

Set against the unnerving backdrop of an abandoned swimming pool, the clip’s striking and surreal imagery will pull you straight into the deep end, and leave you feeling as though you’re floating through mid-air.

The Wellington-based group have managed to create a sound that is raw, yet incredibly well refined. Every note sounds like it’s being played with absolute precision.

Fade features on Mermaidens’ acclaimed latest album Perfect Body, which even scored a nomination for the prestigious Taite Music Prize earlier this year.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.


Perfect Body is out now through Flying Nun Records.