5 artists from New Zealand that we’re digging right now

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we scour the depths of Australia and New Zealand to bring you some raw talent as part of our Needle in the Hay vinyl competition.

So far we have heard some pretty incredible stuff from here in Oz, but we are itching to hear more from our mates over the ditch. So in preparation we have done a big old scour for our favourite acts out of New Zealand right now. Check them out below.

New Zealand

We’re looking all over Australia and New Zealand to give one artist the chance to press their single on vinyl. Here are 5 artists from NZ that we’re digging.

Roy Irwin

Based in Auckland and currently showcasing his latest record King of Pop, Roy Irwin is a moody and soulful addition to New Zealand music. With a lyrically poetic and shadowy take on indie pop, Roy Irwin will have you aching for those rolling green hills and cool breezes from the land of the great white cloud.

Start with his single Feign for a taste of exactly what we are talking about.

Princess Chelsea

Her ethereal electro pop sound has already captured the hearts of many, and although she hasn’t released new music in a little while, Princess Chelsea is not an artist to skim over.

In fact we find ourselves revisiting her again and again. Based in Auckland and signed to Little Chief Records, this girl is one whose music hits home every single time. Check out her track Too Many People and its music video for that spacey goodness.

Yumi Zouma

With new music out now and huge audiences here, the US, and in Japan, Yumi Zouma are killing it. Their lighthearted indie pop is refreshing and brilliantly catchy, it’s soft and fun with a unique lilt and a warm, comforting style.

If you like Sunscreen then these guys will likely hit the spot.

Marlin’s Dreaming

These guys have been such an exciting find. A dark and emotional kind of indie pop, Marlin’s Dreaming are absolutely killing it over in NZ. Well curated and visually captivating, there’s mystery and a moody sophistication to their sound which we just can’t get enough of.

Have a sneaky taste of what they have going with this dope clip for Floating. All we can say is that we want to be mates with the boys from Marlin’s Dreaming.

The Butlers

Fans of Ocean Alley gather round! Based in Christchurch, The Butlers’ smooth, reggae-infused sound is oddly in line with our Australian lifestyle than the frosty hills of NZ.

Nonetheless The Butlers are where it’s at for the new summer sound of 2018. Pumping out new music like nothing else, their latest single Fredrick’s Friend is tight tight tight. Based on tips from some mates over the ditch, these guys are going to be huge.


Needle In The Hay is a vinyl competition targeting the next generation of exciting musical talent across Australia and New Zealand. Find out all the details here.