A song from Rick & Morty was streamed so much last week it hit the Billboard charts

Over the past few years, Rick & Morty has gone from cult stoner favourite to a full-blown mainstream success.

Having kicked off its third season to widespread acclaim just a few months ago, the show doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Hell, as of last week, it even has a hit singe on its hands.

Rick & Morty Terry folds

A song from Rick & Morty called Terryfolds – a collab between Seattle duo Chaos Chaos and Justin Roiland – was streamed so much last week it hit the Billboard charts.

In Rest And Ricklaxation, an episode from a few weeks back, creator Justin Roiland collaborated with Seattle-based duo Chaos Chaos to write a song called Terryfold, which Rick and Morty hear on the radio and dig.

The track also featured during the closing credits, and while it is absolutely ridiculous (featuring lyrics mostly about “foldy flaps” and “Terry folds”), fans loved it – so much so that it clocked over a million U.S streams last week, enough to get it into the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart (number 33) and the Comedy Digital Sing Sales charts (number 1).

The chart appearances are a first for Chaos Chaos, which formed under the name Smoosh in 2000 before changing its name in 2012, as well as Roiland – the voice of both Rick and Morty.

Listen to the track below.

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