A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Sea Went Absent

When I typed A Sunny Day in Glasgow into YouTube I thought that I had accidently started playing two videos at the same time. I went to close the tab and there was no corny Panadol advertisement masking the video, so needless to say, I was hopelessly confused. However, I soon realized that the staggering pace, overlapping sound sources and climatic cinematic effects were a central part of the band’s sound.

a sunny day in glasgow

 A band as unique as their title suggests, A Sunny Day in Glasgow present a fresh take on cacophonic psychedelia with their new record Sea Went Absent.

Diving deep under their musical waves I witnessed specs of unbroken sunlight and husky voices battle the distant harshness of sharp percussion. Like a brisk winter breeze, the synth whispered through their sound effortlessly and smoothly; subtle but strong. The crunchy cacophony of the band has the effect of a tidal wave, enveloping the listener completely.

From first gaze the band looks slightly like a modern day hipster version of the kids off the Brady Bunch; yet, their sound is hazy and vague like something of a desert mirage. Maybe, it was that Polaroid-style picture of them that tricked me (told you they were hipster).

A Sunny Day in Glasgow consists of members from two different corners of the globe, America and Australia. But for the hell of it we’ll ignore that and just describe them as arising like the average electronic band from the streets of Philadelphia, PA – where it just happens to always be sunny. The band is taking their misty sea spray sound on a tour across America kicking off on June 23rd in NY and finishing on July the 27th where they will close the curtains back in their home town. Click here for dates.

If you consider yourself to be a psychedelic music expert, you’d be seriously missing out to let this band slip through your broken finger. You have some catching up to do! Start here with their new album, Sea When Absent released on June 24th.