A Swedish pharmacy just dropped a dubstep album to help ward off mosquitos

Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat has dropped a dubstep nursery rhyme album to protect kids against mosquito bites.

Smashing Mosquito Summer Edition 2019 is packed full of thumping remixes of nursery rhymes such as Itsy Bitsy Spider and Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes.

mosquito dubstep

A Swedish pharmacy has released a dubstep album to protect children from evil blood-sucking mosquitos over the European Summer.

In April, a study by the scientific journal Acta Tropica found that the Skrillex song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is a mosquito repellant. According to the study, the intense frequencies in dubstep act as a distraction for the insects, drawing their focus away from ruining everybody’s day.

“Our hopes are that these summer hits will be a complement and make it more fun for parents and kids to stay safe from mosquitos. As it happens, the combination of traditional children’s songs and dubstep also turned out the be very catchy”, said Annika Svedberg, Head Pharmacist at Apotek Hjärtat.

Smashing Mosquito Summer Edition 2019 also has its very own mascot! DJ Myggbetty is the hottest up-and-coming dubstep star, and he’s ready to steal the throne from Skrillex. DJ Myggbetty (mosquito Betty) dances along to the remixes, decked out in some industry standard headphones.

This summer, don’t buy Aeroguard. Stream DJ Mygbetty. It’s good for your skin, and even better for your ears.