A Swiss study reveals that dogs are cleaner than beards

A team of Swiss scientists has claimed that the humble dog carries less bacteria than beards. The researchers took swabs from the facial hair and a range of dogs: they uncovered some ugly home truths.

Time to rethink the fuzz? A study from a team of Swiss scientists has revealed something pretty disturbing: beards have more bacteria than dogs.

The team from the Hirslanden Clinic took samples from men, aged 18 to 76. Every person came back with a high bacteria count in their beard. 7 out of the 18 men were carrying so much bacteria, they were at risk of illness.

This high bacteria count was replicated in 23 out of the 30 dogs tested, with the remaining 7 only registering medium to low levels.

Expect to see a few more clean shaves when you return to work.