A vintage Super Mario Bros. video game just sold for $114,000

You heard right. A vintage Super Mario Bros. video game has raked in a whopping $114,000 in an auction that went down in Dallas. The lucky winner of the auction has chosen to remain anonymous, despite scoring an unopened copy of the game.

I love a bit of Mario Bros. as much as the next person, but at that price, there are a few things a higher up on my shopping list.

super mario bros vintage 114,000 sold

Someone has paid a six-figure price for a vintage Super Mario Bros. game, first released in 1985 for Nintendo’s NES console.

The auction was held by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions along with a range of other rare video games attained throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The winning bid is the highest that the auction house has ever seen, overtaking its predecessor – $100,150 – which was made early in 2019 for an unopened copy of exactly the same game.

It turns out that this vintage game collection was particularly popular amongst bidders, with the entire collection now valued at $700,000, completely obliterating the auction house’s original estimate of $500,000.

Congratulations to the lucky winning bid, if only we all had $114,000 to spare on video games.