Abbey Stone offers up a soulful slice of modern romance on ‘Flowers’

Melbourne based singer-songwriter and all-round sweet heart Abbey Stone has released the third single from her forthcoming EP. Flowers builds on the charming authenticity that Abbey showcased on her recent release Badlady. Yet where Badlady is flirtatious and sassy, Flowers is reflective and honest.

Photo: Stephanie Sawaya

Flowers is the latest release from singer-songwriter Abbey Stone, lamenting unrequited love through melodic harmonies and perfect pitch.

As usual, the absolute hero of an Abbey Stone song isn’t the superb production but the vocal performance alone. Abbey’s voice is flawless from the top. Rich tones and feminine warmth round out the lower register which she tends to favour. She rarely draws away from this which keep the vocals ephemerally full, without any of the airiness falsetto brings. There’s a smokiness around the edges of Abbey’s voice that offer a unique character to her flawless pitch.

A layering of distinctly motivating vocal harmonies pull the song along its short and sharp course. Zingy moments of guitar and buoyant keys keep things light and playful. We can’t wait to hear what other acapella tricks she has up her sleeve for the rest of the EP. Sink into Flowers below:

Amongst the self-love anthems of modern pop, Flowers is a raw take on the heartache of unrequited romance. Abbey laments over those little gestures that a relationship thrives on:

“I wrote Flowers as a form of therapy when I felt neglected. I was word vomiting through tears and trying to make sense of a feeling I’d never experienced. I really noticed a shift in my own reactions after I wrote it. As lame as it may be, it was really healing.”

An experienced pianist and performer, you won’t want to miss her live next month at her EP launch. You can grab a ticket here.

March 27th – Bird’s Basement, Melbourne