Abi Mia’s latest single is a burst of colour and optimism

London based singer-songwriter, Abi Mia, takes the pop genre to vibrant new heights with new single, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. 

Abi Mia cracks open the pop music world with her latest dance powerhouse, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

The track is an illuminating burst of positivity, with Abi Mia’s energetic vocals making it impossible to become entranced by this anthem of self love.

Abi Mia
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The UK artist centres her music around her personal life, using years of self-exploration to harness infectiously empowering lyrics and tunes. Pressing on a vein of vulnerability and openness comes a tune that is a golden ray of positivity and light.

You can feel the passion pulsating from Abi Mia’s powerhouse vocals as she sings; “gotta keep singing, gotta keep smiling, gotta keep working”. 

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is an infectiously freeing single, layered with Abi Mia’s authentic and raw lyrics and a pop tune that, as the artist describes, “is impossible not to dance to”.  The track feels like a neon explosion of electricity, bass and electric guitar – all grounded by a stunning piano chord progression.


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When reflecting on the luminescent anthem, Abi Mia explains;  “I wrote Can’t Stop Won’t Stop to empower people to continue doing what they love, to do what makes them smile and have fun with it despite what anyone else may say!”

This notion of care and empowerment is strung as a constant thread throughout Abi Mia’s work. Although previously released tracks such a Shadow and Checking In tap into a more soulful and intimate sound, they all attribute a consistent depth of sincerity Mia shares with her audience – a genuine level of care that swirls around the sound waves like neon clouds.

Abi Mia is an unstoppable force in the pop universe – and from her latest release, showing no signs of slowing down. Stream Can’t Stop Won’t Stop below: