Abigail Alexander masterfully invents new genres with her latest EP ‘Lessons Learned’

Abigail Alexander has just given us something incredibly special with her latest EP, Lessons Learned. A multi-layered, genre mashup that has left us all with a far greater appreciation for what can be done in the fields of blues, swing, and pop.

It’s clear that Abigail finds no difficulty in applying her dynamic but unique vocal timbre across just about any musical atmosphere.

Heart and Soul is the EP’s opener and what a brilliant way to start with a cool, soulful mix of ragtime piano and muffled Louisiana-style trumpet. Joining the soiree of ’50s blues-sounding instrumentals is the punctual and distinctive voice of Abigail Alexander, whose voice tortured by the pains of her past, imbue the track with an interesting and distinct sense of character.

Eye of Insanity takes a more serious, or dramatic tone, with minor piano scales that build an exciting sense of tension from the song’s beginning. Minimal percussion throughout the song allows us to focus with greater intensity and pleasure on the sweeping motions of Abigail’s voice, whose ability to sustain strength in vocal projection across highs and lows makes her a formidable singing force. Some attention must also be paid to the skillfully jazzy saxophone which wheedles its way brilliantly through the track to give it all a more balanced musical composure.

It’s great to hear Abigail Alexander continuing to take different approaches throughout the EP to express her defined musical message, and Just Decide, the outro track, is certainly strong evidence of this. Moving away from the traditional soul/bluesy tones which have come to define her sound, we are thrown into the lush electronic soundscape of terraced synths, giving the tune a familiar Flume-like character against which Abigail’s voice still manages to fit like a glove.

The result is a wonderfully dynamic EP which, as its title would suggest, has taught us a great deal about the undeniable ability and attraction of Abigail Alexander.

Stream the EP below: