Adele to hit pause on career to swap lyrics for literature

Adele has announced plans to take a break from the music industry to pursue a degree in English literature.

Adele has shared that she plans to study for a degree in English Literature after her Vegas residency wraps up. “I really want to get a degree in English literature. If I hadn’t made it in my singing, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I’d be an English Lit teacher,” she shared recently with fans.

“I definitely feel like I use my passion for English Lit in what I do, but even though it’s not like I’d go on to get a job from my degree, I wish I had gone to university, I wish I’d had that experience.”

Adele singing
Photo: CBS Photo Archive

The singer has revealed that she isn’t about to hit campus, instead opting to study online noting, “I’ll do it online and with a tutor, but that’s my plan for 2025. It’s just to get the qualifications.”

Adele has shared her lit aspirations in the past, recalling in ‘an audience on with…’ on ITV,  audience members were invited to ask the Grammy Award-winning singer questions. 

Emma Thompson (who was a guest on the show) asked Adele if there was anyone who inspired her throughout her youth, to which she said, “I had a teacher at Chesnut Grove who taught me English. That was Ms. McDonald.

The British artist disclosed that she never saw her teacher again after “year 8.”  Adele said “She got me really into literature. I’ve always been obsessed with English, and obviously, now I write lyrics.”

Surprising Edle and the audience, Ms. McDonald was in the crowd and took to the stage to reunite with her famous student. 

Adele later posted to her Instagram, “There was so much love in the room for each other, it felt like such a gig! Everyone was raucous and bang up for it! And my teacher Ms. McDonald was there, it was just heaven.”

Adele’s Las Vegas residency, “Weekends with Adele” will begin on Nov. 18.