Adrian Deutsch captures the many colours of love on Do You Remember?

Adrian Deutsch captures the many colours of love on Do You Remember?

Immerse yourself into the various emotions surrounding love and its many colours in Adrian Deutsch‘s new album Do You Remember, as he emotively journeys through acoustic ballads and energetic alt-rock anthems.

Do You Remember is Deutsch’s fourth solo album, and it takes on a different direction to his past releases.

On his new album Do You Remember?, Adrian Deutsch paints a picture of love in its many colours, as he takes you on a wistful journey of acoustic alt-rock-infused ballads and energetic anthems.

Formerly a founding member and the singer/songwriter of Red Riders, Adrian Deutsch is a producer, songwriter, mix engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Sydney. Since going solo, he has played with the likes of Aimee Mann and Joan as Policewoman, as well as regularly performing at local venues around Sydney.

With the majority of his previous releases having more of an electronic RnB-inspired pop sound, this album moves in a different direction, with more of an alt-rock vibe accompanying his smooth pop vocals and emotive lyrics. You could liken the albums relaxed alternative melodies to that of  Jack Ladder and John Steel Singers.

Deutsch says that the change in sound was intended from the get-go, stating that “I thought it was time for some collaboration again and a more traditional sound.”

While the new direction in sound may feel more traditional, Deutsch has successfully crafted a new brand of music that feels simultaneously grounded and explorative; it’s rooted in indie-rock, but it reaches far wider.

Recorded in LA with Tony Buchen, Deutsch paid entirely out of his own pocket to hire out 64 Sound in Highland Park, owned by the bass player from Rilo Kiley. The album features Josh Mease on guitar, Robby Sinclair on drums (who has played for the likes of Chet Faker), and Jasper Leak on bass (who has played for the likes as Sia).

Buchen played some bass and keys as well, and Deutsch recorded the rest of the instrumentation as well as his vocals. The band tracking was done in LA, and Adrian finished some vocals and overdubs in his home studio in Sydney.

The album explores all the elements of love, from the sensual lyrics of That Thing You Do to the raucous and aggravated energy of Nothing Lasts, Deutsch paints a colourful picture of love and all its many facets.

Listen to the album below: