Video Premiere of Easy To Forget from the gorgeous Bree De Rome

Video Premiere: Bree De Rome – Easy To Forget

Bree De Rome won’t be easy to forget after watching her in this radiant music video- you won’t be able to look away as her purity and joy shines through against a vastly serene backdrop.  Be sure to catch her before  she fades into the blinding light. From dusk to dawn, she’ll be there as an everlasting memory in those fields of gold – these cold mornings have never felt so toasty with the imagery and sound of Bree sure to brighten up your day.

Bree De Rome

The girl next door, Bree De Rome, has a stunning music video for Easy To Forget. It comes from a place of insecurity but reveals so much positivity, potential and confidence.

Gold Coast’s 20-year-old, singer-songwriter, Bree De Rome will draw you in with her Fleetwood Mac inspired tune, Easy To Forget, produced by Brisbane’s Sean Cook ( Big Scary) and Jeremy Neale. Bree De Rome embodies a “sweet blend of nostalgic 1960’s girl group vibes with the sound of heartbreak country songs”. Influenced by the 50s and 60s greats of Jonny Cash, Billy Holiday, and The Ronettes, it’s no wonder you can’t help but feel like you’ve known Bree in a past life*, with her youthful energy bringing us all to appreciate the sounds of the past in a modern world where we are often too fixated on creating the sound of the future.

In 2013, she independently released her debut EP Bag Of Bones, produced by Tony Buchan ( Tim Finn, The Preatures and Thelma Plum), which was recorded with the guys from Deep Sea Arcade. The EP features co-writes with Sally Seltmann (Seeker, Lover Keeper), Adrian Deutsch (Red Riders) and Bryan Estepa, and gives you a taste of this girl’s diversity from country to surf rock to 60s girl pop to 50s rock n roll.

With her blissfully smoky and sweet voice, full of depth and soul, Bree De Rome carries mellow and calm vibes wherever she goes. You can’t help but smile at Bree’s whimsical charm in the video, which feels like you are swaying with the gentle wind as you watch on, never letting your attention stray away. The beautiful alternative – country vibes from this song, through the textures of acoustic and electronic guitars, driven by relaxed but ever crisp percussion is simply a delight.

Happy: What is Easy to Forget all about?

BDR: I started writing Easy to Forget a few weeks before my 20th Birthday this year. I was having a pretty tough time. I was working a lot in retail over Christmas, about to start my final year at uni and generally just struggling with becoming a young, adult woman (it’s hard!). I knew what I wanted to do with my life and the kind of person I wanted to be but for some reason, I just I forgot it all.

Happy:  How was the filming process?

BDR: I made this film with my buddy, Angus Thompson.  And it was a really bizarre morning.

I’d just got home from Europe 3 days before filming, I was insanely jet lagged and barely functioning in my delusional tiredness.

We filmed at sunrise (5:30am) at one of my favorite spots, a little soccer field in the hinterland on the Gold Coast. It was in the middle of winter and it was cold and damp. My toes, nose and fingers were all numb. The actual filming was easy, we were done by about 6:15am.

I was wasting time before work later that morning, sitting at a coffee shop when I received a FaceBook message from a man I’d never met before asking if I was missing a MacBook. I didn’t even realise but Angus and I had left it on the roof of my car and drove off without it. I finished my coffee, drove back to the park, picked up my MacBook from the lovely man, had a chat and went to work. All before 9am.

Happy:  What’s the story you tried to evoke through the music video?

BDR: There wasn’t a particular story, just an idea of simplicity and being alone.

Happy: What’s next for Bree De Rome?

BDR: I’m in the process of making my second EP, which I’m really really excited about! Sean Cook is producing it and I’ve got some really cool people playing on it. Next year I’m planning to travel a lot and play a lot of music!

Happy: What are your musical inspirations?

BDR: 20% Pop culture, 5% procrastination, 5% insomnia, 30% other music, 50% life experience.

Happy: What makes you happy?

BDR: So many things make me happy. Today specifically it’s been coffee, the ocean, food and ‘The Harrow & The Harvest’ by Gillian Welch.

Let’s take a flashback to the past – sorry Bree if you are reading this and you didn’t want this to resurface, but it had to. From her earlier days, I’ve always known Bree was destined for great things the moment she graced our screens on Australia’s Got Talent* – she has the voice, the charismatic personality. So don’t mind me while I relive some of those memories (you should do the same) and see just how she has grown in developing her own confident and unique sound. No one can forget Bree De Rome, and no one will ever want to.



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