Single Premiere: Ali E – Seagull

Seagulls are no doubt the most devious bastards Mother Nature unleashed upon the world. Even more devious than the dinosaur that ate Newman. They squawk loudly, have no perception of personal space and know how to guilt trip like crazy with their “I’m missing a leg, give me a chip” routine. So would you be surprised when I told you that there was a seagull that is not only beautiful, but whole-heartedly deserves your attention? I am of course referring to the new single from Ali E, which is coincidentally called Seagull.

Ali E

Finally, a seagull that won’t steal your chips! Listen to our premiere of the new Ali E single Seagull!

Even if you haven’t heard the name Ali E before now chances are you’ve heard her music on multiple occasions with Ali keeping busy with Damn Terran, Heavy Beach and Little Athletics. And she has her solo project too which proves she is a gun at multi-tasking, while some people (like a certain sub-editor*) struggle to tie their shoelaces and chew their bacon at the same time.

Seagull is the second single from her upcoming solo album due out in early 2015. That may seem a way away, but don’t you worry kid, Seagull is more than capable of tiding you over until then. Ali penned the track during a difficult time, the raw nature of the song making that fact very clear. Yet everything isn’t a total downer as Seagull maintains an upbeat character, instead of wallowing in difficult times Ali E is a lady who takes a proactive approach to get over the shitty things in life and focus on the things that matter; love, relationships, drinking, friends, writing and dogs.

The song itself is quite muscular, Ali E’s voice growls gently over the track which is propped up by the intertwining guitars and bass. Seagull feels like a very personal song, almost as if it is a bare-all confession. As the song continues it begins to swell with fantastic harmonies courtesy of Katie Scott, Matt Storey and Rich Davies. As the song reaches its conclusion a swirling string section makes an appearance, and coupled with the layered guitars and crashing cymbals it gives Seagull a dramatic crescendo before falling back to its raw begins and fading out.

It’s a beautifully crafted song. The introspective nature of the lyrics don’t only ask questions, but make clear the path that needs to be taken to find answers as well. Like I said before, if Seagull is any indicator of what is to come from Ali E’s new solo album we’re all in for one hell of a treat. If you love this track, then chances are you’ll be eagerly awaiting Ali E’s new release like a seagull waiting to snatch a chip from the oblivious by-stander.

If you are feeling like a hungry seagull then make sure to get your butt down to The Old Bar in Fitzroy on December 3 to catch Ali E do her thing. Maybe they serve chips there too.

*Who is definitely not me.



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