Adulting is hard. Thankfully there are now uni courses for that

Adulting is hard. Thankfully there are now uni courses for that

How often do you change your sheets? Can you scrub a wine stain out of a carpet? Being an adult is hard. But don’t worry, there are now adulting courses to learn how to get your shit together.

You know, the mundane but necessary duties of adulthood, like filing taxes and managing a budget.

Damn, it’s real out there. UC Berkeley is one of the many institutions offering adulting courses for… anyone who needs them. 

The greatest of them all is irrefutably UC Berkeley’s adulting course, in which students to learn how to live in the real world and function as an adult. As the college describes: 

“We often enter college unprepared to take care of ourselves. Many life skills, including how to develop good habits, manage stress, pay taxes, and find housing, are necessary, especially when college is the bridge to adulthood. This course will explore the many dimensions of how to successfully adult.”

Every one of the 30 spots are filled. Seventy students had to be turned away and a second session has been opened.

There is also the Adulting School of Portland, Maine, with their Ph.D. teachers skilled in “Being a badass”, “Finding the perfect bagel”, “Makeup tutorials”, “Chopping firewood”, “Centering with meditation” and “Shaking a Martini”, as stated on their website.

“Sure, everyone wants you to believe they have their shit together and so should you. This sucks, and it’s why WE at Adulting School want to help with the things you don’t know—you know—because you were probably never taught them!”

Kirsten Milliken, Principal of the School and psychologist adds: “Adulting is to Millennials what any mundane task is to anyone with ADHD — difficult, but not impossible.”  

Similar classes or workshops have popped up at libraries and universities across the country. As many schools no longer teach life skills across the board as they once did (and many more reasons, including economic anxiety and family breakdown), adulting classes are really become a thing, and it’s kind of creepy.