After nearly 30 years, The Psychedelic Furs announce a new album

British new wave trail-blazers, The Psychedelic Furs, have announced their first new album in 29 years.

The band’s first new album since their 1991 record World Outside will be titled Made of Rain.

After nearly 30 years off the scene, The Psychedelic Furs return with a brand new song and an upcoming album called Made of Rain.

The first single from the album, Don’t Believe, is already a return to the huge new wave sound the band helped pioneer. Most people who have experienced the beauty of the film Call Me By Your Name will always have The Furs track Love My Way forever linked to Timothée Chalamet dancing in the pale moonlight.

The Furs also are remembered for their connection to the classic John Hughes film Pretty In Pink, which the band wrote helped soundtrack. The band basically make perfect music for those peak moments in movies where everything elevates to a higher plateau. Their newest single is no different.

Lead singer Richard Butler discussed the band’s massive influence, “I’m aware of the fact that people cite us an influence, though I don’t often recognise it in their music. It’s gratifying of course, as it is that there’s still an interested and enthusiastic audience for us. That’s an honour.”

The band are also planning a massive concert at the Royal Albert Hall where they will perform the entirety of new album along with their greatest hits. Made of Rain will be released on May 1st and will be available through Cooking Vinyl.

Check out their new single ‘Don’t Believe’ below: