Ahead of her Sydney debut, we chat to Mady Mooda

With two epic singles and a string of huge live performances under her belt, Melbourne-based producer Mady Mooda has spent the past number of years establishing herself as one of the country’s most exciting electronic acts.

So before she makes her Sydney debut this weekend at The Golden Sheaf, we caught up with the artist herself to chat about her latest single, Sydney vs Melbourne, and what we can expect from future releases.

Ahead of her debut Sydney performance at The Golden Sheaf this Friday, we caught up with Mady Mooda for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

MADY: Very very well! Currently sorting through my playlists and finalising my setlists for this weekend.

HAPPY: You’ve just dropped your second single ever, how are you feeling about it?

MADY: Vice has been a pretty amazing experience having it released and receiving some pretty radical feedback and support. Holmes John and I started writing this beauty back in November when I was in Melbourne on a tour before I made the move and I was itching for the day it got released as it’s easily been the best track I’ve ever made and it’s with such a high profile Australian legend.

HAPPY: There are two more singles coming, correct? Are these all part of a cohesive body of work, or do you see each of them as having their own energy?

MADY: Yes, there’s actually three coming. They are all super different to each other, completely different energies but fall into the same broad category ‘house’. Oh is very dark, You Don’t Work is very housey and quite basic and Walk Around is more tech and upbeat. I wanted to have a variety to kick off before I settle into a specific techy sound.

HAPPY: What did working with Holmes John on Vice teach you?

MADY: Oh boy, Holmes is an absolute weapon. I can’t even begin to explain how much I learnt from just being in the studio with him and jamming while making vice. One of the main things I learnt from him was to just throw all of the ideas on the table and get as much into the project at first and then clean it all up, let the creative flow first!

HAPPY: How long ago did you make the move back to Melbourne, and what has it been like finding your feet in that scene?

MADY: I’m pretty sure it was April that I made the move. It was a tough move. I left Byron bay to take my career the next step as I was sitting too comfortable in Byron and needed to push myself into the unknown.

I loved Byron so much but career-wise I needed to give myself a bigger opportunity. It’s been amazing here in Melbourne, finding my feet was to be fair a little turbulent when I touched down as I had to start all over again and try to make new friends and connections. So far now months down the track I’ve made some amazing friends, everyone is so supportive here and help each other out and I think it’s one of the things I love best about this industry. The family.

HAPPY: Do you think the Melbourne club scene is in a good place at the moment? Things here in Sydney could be better…

Surely that’s a trick question haha! Everybody knows Melbourne is an absolute powerhouse for the music scene. Non stop musical nonsense here, something on every weekend. I am keen to see what Sydney has to offer, this is my first time visiting Sydney!

HAPPY: Have you seen any DJs perform recently who completely blew your mind?

MADY: Yes! Definitely!  I saw Jamie Jones play at the wool store not long ago and I was in complete awe. He definitely deserves to be where he is. Another one is actually completely unbiased, but VO. he is my manager but I’ve seen him play his vinyl-only sets and they are incredible. I’d love to learn how to play vinyl, I believe it’s an art to be able to play vinyl only.

HAPPY: Talk us through a few gigs you have coming up.

MADY: Sydney obviously at The Golden Sheaf for the Out of Office series on 16th of August, very excited for that! Then at my favourite basement, tramp the day after. I’ve got bloom coming up on the 31st of August which I’m super excited about as I’ve heard fantastic things about the venue! So far so good I’m enjoying being able to visit and play at such awesome venues and overall – very very excited for Sydney!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

MADY: No worries at all, my pleasure!

Catch Mady Mooda live at The Golden Sheaf this Friday, August 16th. More info here.