Get to know Isy Isy, a one-woman pop powerhouse

You may know Isabelle Piper as Isy Isy, a vocalist, producer, DJ, and general force of nature based in Sydney. Her music is free-form and absolutely groovy, a bass-heavy style bolstered by some incredible vocals.

With a few singles to her name, Isy Isy is currently wrapping up her debut EP Levels amongst a very, very busy live schedule. Before that drops and before she plays an especially stacked International Women’s Day show at The Golden Sheaf this Sunday, we caught up for a chat.

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Before she drops her debut EP Levels, get to know the multi-talented Sydney pop dynamo Isy Isy.

HAPPY: How are things?

ISABELLE: I am really good! feeling like super woman at the moment actually.

HAPPY: What are you up to right now?

ISABELLE: Right now I seem to be going out a lot. I play about three to six DJ gigs a weekend, then during the week I write music, and in between I am working on my new business idea.

HAPPY: Your music really packs a punch. How important is creating intense live moments for you?

ISABELLE: Oh thanks, yeah I dig it too hey! My alt pop music has had quite a few high moments in the past year and I have had some incredible connections through my live shows. My music is very emotive so naturally the live show is quite intense. This year I am putting together a new DJ-meets-live style show though, which is really exciting! More dance and percussive style!

HAPPY: I really love Emersed. Could you talk about where this track originated?

ISABELLE: This track was inspired by ALMOST falling love but managing to pull myself out before I sank too deep in it. June last year I was really on a mission to build a foundation and network in Sydney and just didn’t want to be fluffing around in love haha. It was written and produced in the studio with Liam Quinn in June last year and then quickly released in July.

HAPPY: It’s been a little while since you hit us with some music, is anything bubbling away at the moment?

ISABELLE: I absolutely do! My EP Levels is being released in the next two months and I’m so excited about it! I have extended it and it’s now an 8-track EP. Three songs have been released and the rest have only been heard in my live shows.

HAPPY: You’re playing a great show this coming International Women’s Day. What’s that gig going to look like for you?

ISABELLE: At Women’s Day I will be doing a straight up DJ show because I feel it fits the line-up better than my current live show. So I plan to keep the tunes super upbeat and the crowd pumping!

HAPPY: What else inspires you? Art, architecture, a perfectly cooked meal?

ISABELLE: Actually I find teaching also inspires me a lot, I work with young artists and DJs and help them with their craft and it is so wholesome and rewarding!

HAPPY: Any other plans for March?

ISABELLE: March I am DJing heaps, basically booked out which is nice, then I’m planning on a new release in April so will be prepping for that this month.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!


Catch Isy Isy at SHE A.F., a free gig going down this International Women’s Day at The Golden Sheaf in Sydney:

Sunday 8 March – The Golden Sheaf, Double Bay – Details