Before she plays an International Women’s Day gig this Sunday, get to know DJ Minx

Rachel Phillips is Minx, an iconic Australian disc jockey. Since getting started in 2004 she shot straight for some of the country’s biggest stages, constantly producing heated house singles to bolster her notorious set lists.

She has played clubs from all over Australia to the hallowed grounds of Ibiza, but this weekend she’s back at home for an International Women’s Day party at The Golden Sheaf. Before she checks in, we caught up for the chat.

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Before she plays a set at The Golden Sheaf this International Women’s Day, get the lowdown on DJ Minx.

HAPPY: You’ve played some pretty hectic overseas clubs, what’s one convention of club culture from around the world you’d love to see in Australia?

RACHEL: I guess there is an understanding of club/DJ culture in the sense that approaching the DJ to request tracks really isn’t done or to the extent I see here at least. The patience the dance floor has and trust of the DJ… it can feel more accepting than it sometimes does in Aus.

HAPPY: You’re playing a great show this coming International Women’s Day. Who are some women who inspire you?

RACHEL: I’m inspired by women all around me on a daily basis. These women are integral parts of my life and they don’t even know it. Women who are working hard, being the best human they can be. I’m inspired by kindness and selflessness and I’m incredibly grateful to know many women of that description, both in music and out. I guess it’s not really naming the people I’m talking about, but describing them. There are far too many to mention.

HAPPY: What else inspires you? Visual art, new places?

RACHEL: I absolutely love to travel. It changes me. Makes me feel alive. I met an old man in Joshua Tree years ago. He asked where I was from & couldn’t believe id travel so far to be there. The furthest he had travelled was 50km from where we were currently standing. Gobsmacking. The gift of seeing with your own eyes is special. For me anyway.

HAPPY: Any other plans for March 8th?

RACHEL: I’ll be starting my day playing a few chilled tunes in Bondi. Maybe have a couple of spritzers to warm up for the Sheaf.

HAPPY: What else do you have coming up this year?

RACHEL: What I love about this job is every week, month, year is different. So I can’t really say for certain. However, besides DJ’ing under Minx, I have another project as Rachel May, which lends to the more deeper, melodic side of house. I’m keen to release a debut Rachel May record in 2020, so that will be a focus.


Catch Minx at SHE A.F., a free gig going down this International Women’s Day at The Golden Sheaf in Sydney:

Sunday 8 March – The Golden Sheaf, Double Bay – Details