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Al and the Pigeon cut through the world’s cynical bullshit on It’s A Shame

Perhaps I shouldn’t be too quick to form such a strong opinion… but judging by this first video from Al and the Pigeon, we’re in store for some really great things courtesy of this Sydney hip-hop duo.

With Al laying down the vocals and The Pigeon laying down the beats, the pair craft incredibly addictive hip-hop music that’s brimming with an undeniable feeling of hope.

On their addictive debut single It’s A Shame, Al and the Pigeon will leave you feeling like you can cut through all of this world’s cynical bullshit.

On It’s A Shame, the duo’s debut single, they seamlessly meld together jazzy grooves strong beats to deliver a track that navigates the struggles of a creative mind in this increasingly cynical world of ours.

The track follows the story of Mr. Imagine, the personification of the imagination… and in doing so, Al and the Pigeon have crafted a song that will seep deep into your bones.

“The concept came about in high school. Mr. Imagine was someone I always tried to find to help me dream and escape reality. But I always found he was either very elusive, or always ran away from me when outside pressures forced themselves against him,” Al says of the track. 

“This song is about creativity and the journey of those in pursuit of it.” 


Al and the Pigeon’s debut album The Album will be out September 1st. For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for It’s A Shame above.


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June 21, 2018