Album sales hit worst week since their origin in the '60s

Album sales hit worst week since their origin in the ’60s

Analytics provider Alpha Data reported that, in the Week of March 13th – 19th, music streaming dropped 7.6% and album sales dropped a whopping 27.6%. All that amounted to the worst week for album sales in over 60 years.

Album sales

Only 1.52 million albums sold in the U.S. last week, the lowest number on record since the album became a format in the mid-’60s. Thanks, coronavirus.

Alpha Data, the service that powers the Rolling Stone Charts, attributed the closure of restaurants, bars, and other non-essential outlets to the drop in engagement. They also noted that drops like this are usually only seen around holiday weeks focused on gatherings, like Christmas.

The closure of record stores and distributors across the globe, as non-essential services, has also resulted in physical album sales hitting an all-time low. Last week marked the first time in history that sales fell below 1 million in the Nielsen Music/MRC Data era.

Amazon’s corporate decision to stop stocking vinyl in favour of more “essential” albums and the further postponement of Record Store Day from April to June are also contributing factors to the decline in album sales.