Alex Carpi explodes with colour on her new EP ‘Superfamous’

Melbourne-based artist Alex Carpi has just released a fiercely vibrant EP titled Superfamous. 

Combining pop-rock with indie and electronic sounds, Superfamous sees Carpi deliver five stunning tracks which will make you fall in love with the multi-talented musical powerhouse. 

Alex Carpi

Every track on Alex Carpi’s latest EP Superfamous is bound to get stuck in your head and transport you to a world of colour.

Kickstarting her musical career at the beginning of 2019, Alex Carpi quickly boosted her name as one of the buzzier acts from Melbourne’s eclectic music scene. And, despite what seems to be a rough start to 2020 for musicians all over the world, Carpi isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Her music is a distinct curation of catchy pop hooks, elegantly combined with dark and edgy electronic elements that really send each track to the next level, making you feel lost in the unique sonic vision which Carpi declares.

Carpi could make waves around the world with her vocals alone, her stunning voice carrying significant power, strength and control. Opening track Big City is a clear example of this. Furthermore, Carpi displays her ability to use lyrics to conjure vivid imagery. A sun-drenched summer hit perfect for a road trip; Big City is guaranteed to get you feeling all those good feelings. 

Hurricane Heart sees Carpi demonstrate a softer and more exposed side to her vocal ability, and with this shift in pace comes a newfound sense of heartbreak and sadness which starkly contrasts to Big City. The purposeful juxtaposition between tracks works to showcase just how versatile Carpi and her musical ability truly is. Furthermore, a more instrumental and far less electronically-inclined track demonstrates the wide range of influences that Carpi is inspired by, suggesting her defiance of genre boundaries and expectations. 

Produced alongside longtime collaborator Nick Mason, Superfamous has been created to compliment the fervent rock energy of Carpi’s vocal abilities with a sense of bubbly and playful pop exuberance. I Think I’m In The Wrong Room displays another shift in pace, presenting an upbeat electro-pop track which tips its hat to many modern pop powerhouses.  

I Think I’m In The Wrong Room is potentially Carpi’s most anthemic track to date, rendering feelings of alienation and an intense longing to get somewhere new. The feelings of frustration and powerlessness which Carpi paints lyrically is emphasised through Mason’s impressive production, achieving a size and energy that the track truly deserves. 

Title track Superfamous is most certainly the highlight of the EP, nothing short of a hit. After just one spin, the tracks catchy melody takes over. A gradual build-up explodes into an incredibly catchy chorus which just builds in intensity. Get lost in the dynamic percussion, electric guitar, and electronic production of Superfamous, and within no time at all, you’ll know this track off by heart.

Carpi creates a dark and soulful ambience in the EP’s final track Wide Open Spaces. The flawless production of this track really stands out, presenting the song as a perfect opportunity for a club-worthy remix. Again, Carpi delivers stunning vocals which seem to wash over you as you lose yourself in the sonic playground that has been created. 

If Superfamous proves anything, it is that Alex Carpi is going places.