Alex the Astronaut gives a glimpse of what’s to come with Waste Of Time

Last year Alex the Astronaut quickly became one of our new favourite Aussie artists, cementing a permanent place in our hearts with her upbeat tracks and feel-good acoustic beats taking over the airwaves.

With her first and second EPs making waves in the Australian music scene, Alex The Astronaut has since become one of our most beloved artists.

Her new single Waste Of Time presents a familiar upbeat, acoustic track with the same optimistic vulnerability we loved hearing in her earlier releases. The track presents a confident train-of-thought narrative that emphasises her personal experiences of growth, love and slowing down amidst the pressures of high expectations.

Alex the Astronaut has all of her fans excited with her brand new track Waste Of Time, providing more of the good feels we loved in 2017.

Highlighting experiences of the every day, growing up, and coming to terms with her sexuality as a young member of the LGBT+ community, Alex spreads an uplifting message of self-assurance in her all-embracing coming of age narrative.

“I’ve been racing all my life, for some unholy prize and I don’t care about it, making everybody proud.”

Waste Of Time seems to present a newfound maturity and stylistic evolution, reflected in the clean production and steady structure of the song.

This release has us excited for what’s to come for her in the rest of 2018, including some huge festival appearances over the next few months.

Listen to her brand new track Waste Of Time below.

Tour Dates

Sat, 1 September – triple j’s One Night Stand
29-30 September – Yours & Owls, Wollongong