Danielle Deckard’s debut album Happy will have you feeling good

Following a string of consistently great singles and EP’s, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Danielle Deckard has released her debut full-length album Happy, and this thing has pretty much blown us away.

The self-produced new album is undoubtedly Deckard’s most fully-formed release to date, showcasing her penchant for crafting sprawling and story-driven songs that’ll stick with you for weeks.

Happy, the brilliant new album from Sydney singer-songwriter Danielle Deckard, is simultaneously melancholic and energetic. It’s pretty incredible.

Throughout the album’s punchy 26 minute duration, Deckard navigates a captivating blend of indie-pop, folk, and rock to deliver a sounds that’s simultaneously melancholic and energetic.

With her forthright lyricism and near flawless vocal delivery, the prolific artist has shaped a series of songs that’ll hold your undivided attention from start to finish.

Album opener – and title track – Happy immediately sees Deckard establish her intentions to steal your attention with thumping percussion and rhythmic guitar work.

As the line “would that make me happy?” repeats itself, you’ll be drawn into a trance by the artist’s earthy vocal tones.

Sky Falls Down flaunts some stunning, 80’s inspired synth lines that make the perfect bed for Deckard’s airy, hallucinatory vocal performance.

By the time the album’s two-minute closer Homecoming fades out of existence, you’ll be well aware of Danielle Deckard’s phenomenal songwriting capabilities.

Do yourself a favour and listen to Happy above, and catch Deckard live at her album launch. Details below:

HAPPY – ALBUM LAUNCH (w/ Anomie) – 28 July 2018, 7:30 PM – Waywards @ The Bank Hotel. More info here.