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SCiZZORMAN walks us through his whacky and wonderful new album SCHiZoPHoNiC


SCiZZORMAN’s newest LP SCHiZoPHoNiC is an entirely unreal experience, a beast that consistently morphs into unexpected shapes as you follow it’s whacked-out evolution.

Most probably, it’s unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. To find out a little more about the album, we reached out to the artist themselves for a track-by-track rundown.


Listening to SCHiZoPHoNiC is like diving into a pool of unknown depth; it’s slightly unsettling, altogether consuming, but enticing nonetheless.

21st Century Clan

“The Homoblivion made the call/ There was nothing left to burn”

Spoken word narration sets us on this journey, making reference to a recurring theme like some HG Wells novel on the big screen. Mankind appears set on a path to self-destruction, survived by self-reliant mobile people living partially or wholly disengaged from civilised society (Nomads).

The timeline and tempo of the song skids from a slow bleak future of regret to a blasted landscape, to a desperate funky fatalism. The fault is placed at the feet, not of leadership, but human nature, only to be redeemed as the metamorphosis fades into the next.

Souls Of The Past

“Hand in hand we guide you into your prime”

Resurrection rises slowly as the journey beyond salvation continues through this moody sleeper that floats between reality and reflection. A song about death – or perhaps painful separation, such as experienced in divorce, rejection, serious illness, or estrangement – and the continued healing presence of memories of those personalities who befriended us before the divide.

Let’s do time, as we seek haven in the heavens and reason in our rhyme.

Them (Are Not The Us)

“They’ll use you all up and call it their own/Trying their best to be your clone”

Funk rock song Them slaps you back in the present with a B-grade movie vibe, referencing some classic 1950s sci-fi horror movies but mostly Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The lyrics instruct us, the listeners, to beware The Body Snatchers, people who have no creativity or self-awareness, and must steal ours to have any sense of life at all.

Now that companies have co-opted creativity in a desperate attempt to save dying business models, they too seek to somehow assimilate creative people into their business.


“I am in harmony with the land of the giants/Nature’s messenger right to the core”

The song, Giants has a childish rollicking air that makes it sound like it was lifted from a Sonic the Hedgehog video game soundtrack. Celebrating evolution and diversity, you’ll be taken back to your first encounter with hundred-year-old forests full of karri trees spiking into the endless blue sky.

A walk with these giants is a chance to experience self-renewal like the joy found on a walk in the great outdoors.


“Skin is temporary and it covers warts and all/Skin can get a little hairy and saves you when you fall”

Once you’ve hopped off those gigantic shoulders, you’ll be ready to shed some light on your skin so tight. A joke in the form of a song. Complete with peachy preachy Keyboard fills and a self-love punchline sung eloquently over the top of a Bass line that keeps on giving.


“Washed up whales right at your door/Fiber cables wrap the ocean floor”

Complete with your new coat of armour you now receive an urgent call to action in the form of a musical depiction of the divided modern self. Politically charged greenhouse lyrics drive desperate vocals, pleading for enough oxygen to evoke the hippy in humanity and finally hold itself accountable on the road to Zion.

The Mercy Mix

As you leave the pollution in your wake, be prepared for a futuristic vortex of chorus loops, frenetic drum beats, funk driven bass and break beats.

This globally charged track powers you forward with no turning back, as you make your way through the maze only to find yourself begging for mercy at the feet of salvation.

Is That It?

“Television is tunnel vision to the visionary’s skepticism”

Rebirth wriggles its way out of your previous life, questioning how you ended up in a land where things can easily get back under your skin. The lyrics are cynically realist, but the lounge music behind it suggests feminine sexual healing. This music may increase your chances of conception or rebirth at the very least.

Generation Wrap

The search for shades of a common sound is finally over with this blues rock instrumental, glistening with jazz overtones. The natural birth of the nomad sessions, this free form jam took place between takes, with no preconception or prejudice.

Minimal post production symbolises the one take, raw natural flow omnipresent amongst regenerating musical nomads.

SCHiZoPHoNiC is out now.


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July 24, 2018