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Introducing the rich, glossy, and menacing sounds of Azusena

Since dropping her first two singles a couple of years back, British-American singer-songwriter Azusena has oozed out a sleek meld of earthy folk and menacing pop hooks.

It’s a euphoric and mesmerising blend that, if you let it, will blanket your body with its dense, synth-drenched sounds.

“Finding harmony in the wrong situation and moving forward”: Dive into the rich, euphoric, and slightly unsettling sounds of Azusena.

Having been raised by a pop-star mother and a supermodel father, perhaps Azusena was always destined for great things… though her sound belongs entirely to herself.

On her most recent single In The Water, the artist dances through seemingly flawless production and hallucinatory, deeply infectious vocal melodies.

In The Water is the latest in a string of great singles from the singer, and undoubtedly her most focused. Every note and every lyric feels sharp and deliberate, as if Azusena is performing exclusively for you.

“In the water is about finding harmony in the wrong situation and moving forward,” she says of the track.

The track’s accompanying video perfectly captures the song’s melancholic qualities with stunning videography.

Throughout its four-minute duration, you’ll be unable to turn your head away from the captivating presence that is Azusena.

Based out of both Merseyside and California, the artist’s music ropes in such a broad range of influences, it’s virtually impossible to ear them all out.

However, her experience living in these two distinctly different locations has heavily influenced her sound.

While her sound feels inspired and energetic, it’s simultaneously tranquil and composed. Azusena credits this to the power of the mantra.

“My dad was on a spiritual journey to becoming a Yogi while I was growing up and shared a lot of meditational Indian music and enlightening books with me,” the artist explains.

“Over the course of the past four years I got into meditating and doing mantras in the morning.” 

With long droning notes, and repetitive, hypnotic beats, ‘the mantra’ is almost omniscient in her music.

In The Water is taken off Asuzena’s upcoming EP Ether – the fifth element of space – and will look to explore the harmonies and contradictions in the human condition.

If her music released to date is anything to go by, we’re in for more incredible music courtesy of this artist.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the video for In The Water above.


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July 24, 2018