Alex Turner says Leonard Cohen "spurred" him on to write Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Alex Turner says Leonard Cohen “spurred” him on to write Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Last Friday, with the release of their new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, Arctic Monkeys shifted their sound in a direction that was completely unexpected. Personally, I think it’s great.

Frontman Alex Turner recently sat down with Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music, where he discussed the change in sound, and what influenced it.

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner reckons listening to Leonard Cohen talk about songwriting inspired him to write Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

I think I became less concerned on this album (with) compartmentalising every idea to the point where each song became this episode that starts and ends in three minutes,” Turner says.

I feel like I allowed (myself) to spread these ideas across this while record, but make them all pull in the same direction.

Turner then spoke about the importance of listening to lyrics in context, and the influence of Leonard Cohen. 

I think saw Leonard Cohen talking about writing and that idea if you pull out one thing from one his songs, you’re gonna be like, ‘What is he on about?’ But in the context of everything, I feel like you know exactly where he’s coming from, especially with a writer like him – you’re right there with him as you listen to a song of his in its entirety or a record,” he continues. 

 “Hearing him talk about that idea of pulling one thing out and it not making much sense is definitely something that spurred me on to approaching this record in that way and not be so concerned with making the thing be about whatever it’s about.”