PREMIERE: Kane Strang is a brooding, mesmerising presence on new video Not Quite

Last year, with the release of his most recent album Two Hearts And No Brain, Dunedin’s Kane Strang made the move out of his bedroom and into the studio.

The result was a smart, nuanced record that showcased the artist’s penchant for writing left-of-field, guitar-driven pop anthems. Thankfully, Strang’s move into the studio didn’t mean sacrificing his charming DIY aesthetic.

This is seen best on the album’s standout track Not Quite, a song for which we’ve just been given an incredibly unsettling and captivating new music video. 

kane strang not quite video premiere

New Zealand’s Kane Strang has shared his mesmerising new video for Not Quite. It’s strange and unsettling, yet almost impossible to look away from.

Directed by Julian Vares, the new video sees Strang lulling around a lavishly furnished household, waiting for the arrival of another person. He peers eerily through a set of binoculars, lights candles around an empty dinner table, and leans on every piece of furniture available. Though, the person never arrives.

The video’s cinematography is completely mesmerising, and although my recount of the video’s events may not sound too enticing… it’s actually quite difficult to look away from.

“We made this at Eliza’s Manor which is a very strange hotel in Christchurch,” Strang shared. “The room that doubled as our set and my accommodation had ‘Eliza’s Room’ on the door and as soon as the crew left me alone all the lights started flickering. There was also a teddy bear collection in the hallway.”

“Julian and I went into shooting without much of a concrete story in mind but I like the idea that my character is a nosy ghost, eating the hotel guest’s food and reading their letters when they’re not around.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and keep an eye for when Kane Strang’s live show inevitably hits a venue near you soon.