Alexis Naylor is a captivating presence on ‘casualty’

Last week, when Alexis Naylor released her debut album, pages from a past life, we were immediately struck by her arresting balladry. In an incredibly short period of time, the Perth-via-Melbourne-based artist has developed a sound so sweeping and rich, it’s difficult to believe she hasn’t been releasing records for years.

One of our favourite cuts from the record, casualty, perfectly showcases her ability to weave sweeping and emotive piano-driven anthems. If you’re not already familiar with this artist, we strongly recommend you change that.

On casualty, Perth-via-Melbourne-based artist Alexis Naylor crafts an emotive, resonant, and distinctly modern piano ballad.

All throughout the new single, Alexis Naylor blends powerful balladry with modern pop sensibilities, delivering something that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh. With instrumental arrangements that feel equal parts lush and sparse, flawless production, and soaring vocal melodies, casualty is the kind of track that’ll stick with you for weeks.

Each word is driven by real, lived-out emotion. The lyrics hit home especially hard because they’re delivered with true, felt passion. This is something that cannot be taught or faked; some artists hold the power, some don’t. But rest assured, Alexis Naylor possesses it in spades.

As mentioned, this is just one song taken from an album of brilliance. If you like what you hear, go listen to the full album here.

Watch the lyric video for casualty above.